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What bad news did Jessica Simpson receive about her dad Joe?

Jessica Simpson Dad

What bad news did Jessica Simpson receive about her dad Joe?

Jessica Simpson is known for her many talents including singing, song writing, fashion designer and business woman. With all that behind her, you would think there is nothing could rock her world but a few months ago, something did. Her father Joe, 58 was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how well your life is going. When you hear the cancer word, your life stops. Prostate Cancer in men and breast cancer in women is still one of our biggest killers, and yet early detection is the key to fighting both. Joe had surgery and all went well by all accounts but it sends a harsh message out to all. Get checked regularly. A lot of cancers can be treated successfully if they are caught early.

To Jessica. I’m not going to do a reading around your father’s illness as that would be unethical for any psychic to do, but having been it your situation many years ago, I can only advise you to remain positive and focused on your father’s recovery. Cancer is a wake-up call for all of us. It reminds us that we are mortals on a short journey through life. It’s important that we value every moment of it

Today I will do a short reading for you Jessica, not on your dad. No psychic should read on medical issues. They are psychics not doctors.

The Sun card Perhaps the news about your dad awoke some awareness in you regarding your own mortality, but there appears to be a burst of opportunity or recognition of the gift that life is. It’s almost like you need to stretch your wings and try something new. Not so much on the business side of things, but on life itself. There is a sense of freedom and a new-found recognition of the miracle around you.

The King of Cups. This is your father’s card. He is the king of your heart. With all the stuff that has gone on this year, he will be the main player in your life once again. This time with an even closer bond. It’s a little sad that although we love our parents, it’s a scare like this wakes us up to the fact that life is temporary. We need to grab every moment and live for the good things life offers. Yes, we will have bad times, but for now make memories filled with happy times. This is the only thing we can bring forward into our future.


The World Card.
This is a card of completion of something. It’s like an awakening and a time to step back. Let’s have a look at the magic around you. It’s time to make time for those who are important in your life. This is the time of your life when memories for the future are being built. Something is nearing completion this year and there is a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. A reason to be proud of what you have done.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

This is one of life’s wake up calls. What happened your dad reminds you that nobody is immune, life is short. It’s very easy to get tied up in the everyday ins and outs of business, politics and life in general. We then forget the most important things in life. Our family. By all accounts you have been amazing to your father during his treatment, proving that you are a good daughter. I’m sure you will agree with me in saying how frustrating it can be when some people ignore their parents. We only have one Father and one Mother. Cherish them, as life for all of us, is brief. For the year ahead, I See more family time. Joe is already grateful for your help but I feel a great deal of pride coming from him. The months of May and June are highlighted for family time. Make it a memory.

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