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How does Nichole Kidman communicate with her kids?

Nichole Kidman

How does Nichole Kidman communicate with her kids?

Anyone who has seen “The others” would imagine Nichole Kidman as an over protective hard as nails Mother but the truth is anything but. Proving once again that she is an amazing actress. The Mother of two has revealed that she has long in deep conversations with both her children. Nichole is the Mother of two children, Isabella and Connor Cruise, who she adopted with ex-husband Tom Cruise. In her latest film, she plays a mother who adopted a son Saroo (Dev Patel) she embarks on a journey to find his birth parents in India. She is looking at this film as a love letter to her children. Nichole made the statement during an interview with town and country.

That’s it Nichole, now I must mark another date in my calendar to see the release date of this Movie. Your honest approach to your children is commendable. Many people look at adoption as a brave thing to do. When you are obviously proving (as many of us know), that any child coming into your life is a blessing. Regardless of if this child came through you, or to you. Your children are now young adults, but you are the Woman with all the memories of their life tucked away in the recesses of our heart. Just where every Mother keeps them.

Let’s throw out some cards around you and see where life is taking you. Remember, if you are young at heart, you are forever young

The Two of Coins
This card doesn’t talk about money in the true sense. It talks about things that we value. With you, it is your family and home. Perhaps it takes us a while in life to find it’s true course. Once we have found it, then we are overcome with a sense of serenity. We find the path we were born for. This is the true finance of life, not the money, the pocket holds, but the love the heart holds.

The Three of Swords
This is the card that deals with the ups and downs that life throws at every family. No one is immune to life rocks on the road. The difference is how you deal with them. Your relationship with your children has given your family a team spirit. This will help you all deal with things as a group and sail over whatever rocks you find in the road of life.

The Death Card
Don’t panic. It doesn’t mean death. It means you are moving into a new era of family life. These children are no longer children. They are young adults. They will be moving into parenthood in a few years, and carrying with them all you have thought them. This is for any parent, the Oscar awards. No, it’s not the end of anything, It’s a whole new and exciting beginning.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Your approach to Motherhood is commendable. Honest parents raise honest children. There is always the danger in younger children that they will take advantage of down to earth parents who treat them as their equal but yours are two young adults now, and a credit to your child rearing skills. As the cards say, you are moving into the next phase of being a parent. You have adult children. Within a few years producing children of their own. So yes, get excited. Get excited about the new beginning which is not too far off in the future.

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