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Has Nicole Scherzinger finally moved on from Lewis Hamilton?


Has Nicole Scherzinger finally moved on from Lewis Hamilton?

Nicole is very much living in the moment and appears happy with her latest beau Bulgarian tennis ace, 25-year-old Grigor Dimitrov. The 38-year-old ex-Pussycat Doll has insisted that she is happier than ever following her split from F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton and their seven-year relationship. Grigor separated from tennis player Maria Sharapova last summer.

Loved-up Nicole says that she’s happier than ever and is looking forward to the future. She has expressed a desire to become a mother but has no time frame in which this should happen.

Nicole is getting ready to return to the next series of X Factor UK with Simon Cowell.
She has also been cast as a ‘character’ in the animated Disney film Moana, Nicole will provide the voice of Sina.

Are Nicole’s dream’s finally coming true?

Véronique’s Verdict

Nicole drew the Moon, the King of Hearts and the Fool. Quite simply, I feel that Nicole has come a long way emotionally and today’s cards show that she is in a good place. The Moon is very much symbolic of the lost child and her faithful dog. After succumbing to feelings of despair and the sadness of longing for the stability of her own home and family, the moon beams out, brightly illuminating the path ahead. The King of Hearts is the guy of every girl’s dreams. Sincere and understanding and the ruler of his own kingdom. Reliable, considerate and affectionate. The Fool is very much about taking a leap of faith. Nicole and Grigor have conducted themselves in quite a low key manner so far. Nicole now has the confidence to raise her head above the metaphorical parapet. It feels like Nicole’s optimism may not be unfounded at this time.

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