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How normal are Brangelina ‘s problems?

brangelina money pronlems

How normal are Brangelina ‘s problems?

When you see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, you immediately think wow. These two have done it. They have stayed together and raised a family in the ever changing world of “Celebrity-Ville.” You could be forgiven for being a little envious of the wealth and fame, and the privileged lifestyle. But truth be told, they have both worked hard over the years to earn those privileges. And raising six kids regardless of your wealth is hard work. But they have done it.

Recent reports have sounded alarm bells with Brangelina. This couple is not having a good time of things and it is rumoured that love could be on the rocks. I really hope not. But I always say you must follow your heart. There is no sense in staying together because of the kids. Because two happy parents apart, are always better than two unhappy parents together. Kids absorb everything, even when you think they are not listening. I have said before and I will repeat myself. But I Hope this couple make it through this.

Recent reports, however, point to money problems. Hands up any couple who haven’t had this conversation? Apparently, they have been overspending for years, and now it is taking its toll. Angelina apparently has turned down a lucrative return to “Maleficent”. Apparently, this isn’t going down well in the Brad camp. So how can they turn this around? Let’s ask the cards.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

The King of Swords would point towards Brad as being a bit of a worrier when it comes to the finances. It could be, and it happens in the most liberated of families. He sees it as his responsibility to be the bread winner when Angelia is not able to do it. But as problems rise so will tensions.

The Five of Coins is indicating that steps will need to be taken in order to put things right. Burying your head in the sand won’t sort things, and they appear to know this. Flashbacks of being a struggling actor will remind them of where they don’t want to be.

The Fool Card offers a quick solution. Sitting around and thinking about it won’t sort it. It will have to be drastic, and quick. Taking a chance with something appears to be the way. But I would caution on quick investments. Cash in hand is always better than long term uncertainties. Sound financial advice from a professional in the field, is always a better option than financial advice from a psychic.

We once again we wish you both the very best with your future.

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