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Why is Norway the happiest country on Earth?

Norway the happiest country on Earth

Why is Norway the happiest country on Earth?

When people think about abundance and happiness, they often mistake it for being rich. But alas, it isn’t the richest country that was named the happiest of them all. The World Happiness report has it in black and white: the United States is only the 14th. Although unemployment rate decreased and salaries went up during the past decade, happiness indicators are declining.

There is still hope for Americans. Well, it might be that they need to pack some warm clothes to go to the happiest country though. Norway took the crown, as according to the research, people feel content with their lives there. So, if not money, then what else makes people feel on top of the World – in Norway?

The report focuses on some key elements. Whether they could expect social support when in need or not. Their freedom of choice was also an important factor, as was the corruptness of their society. It also asked people how generous they were on a 1 to 10 scale. Of course, the last point is a bit subjective, but Norway scored the best in all, nonetheless.

What’s a bit concerning is that most countries improved their stats compared to previous years. But guess what? The United States dropped back from place 13 to 14. Of course, it could be that Americans are superstitious, and number 13 didn’t really work for them. If we don’t believe in superstitions, we need to assume there is something else behind the decline.

American citizens seem to feel ‘sadder’ by the minute, and that isn’t going to change. Unless of course there is something done about it. So, aiming for a higher salary might not be everything in terms of achieving happiness. Social integrity and a sense of community is also important. And here comes the fourth ingredient into play: generosity. Whether you give your money, time or other resources, you send out a powerful message.

Let’s ask the cards to see how the United States could increase its score next year.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Six of Swords:
Something better cannot be achieved with the same attitude as people have now. Change is inevitable and accepting it in a positive way could help immensely.

‘You reap what you saw’ has never been more true. Justice will be served and everyone gets what they deserve. Or what they think they deserve. Keep your intentions pure and think in a positive, reassuring way and happiness will follow.

The Hanged Man (Reversed):
The first obstacle to overcome is our on helplessness. If we keep feeling like we lost control, it will manifest. It is crucial to restore faith in ourselves. If we manage to do that, America will thrive.


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