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‘Not tonight girls’. Amber and Cara turned away from club.

Amber and Cara turned away from club

‘Not tonight girls’. Amber and Cara turned away from club.

Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard were out on the town on Friday night. They were celebrating the closing of the Amber Heard, Johnny Depp divorce. They were joined by Margo Robbie the BFF of Cara as they partied in London. The trio were full of the joys of the night when they approached the upmarket strip club known as SophistiCats. Nothing strange there, as it is the normal landing spot for many of the A-listers of London but the three ladies didn’t want to pay. Cara was quoted as saying the infamous words “Do you know who I am?”

Their plea fell on deaf ears as all celebrities who have been to this upmarket gentlemen’s club pay without question. The venue has a string of celeb names who have frequented the club over the years. These include Ben Stiller, members of Queen and The Rolling Stones and even the Queens granddaughter Princess Eugenie.  Eugenie had no problem paying the entrance fee like everyone else.

One of the problems for the club owners was that they were a group of 15. To secure a table for that volume of people would mean buying a bottle of Champagne. But the girls were having none of it. They looked shocked that their name alone would not be enough to get them free entry. She kept telling the staff how famous they were. And said they just wanted to watch some ladies dancing and have some fun. But the staff at SophistiCats are quite used to this. In the end, the girls threw their hands in the air and walked away.

Well to be honest for the sake of £20 it was not going to break any bank. Even in the common working man, let alone a group of well-paid celebrities. It would also have been very unfair to those standing in the queue. All with their money in hand waiting to get in. I suppose we must allow for the fact that Amber has been going through the divorce. And most likely feels like the pressure is now off and it’s time to party. We have all done something silly like this at some stage in our lives. so let’s cut them some slack on this one.



Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards lie in store for Amber now? The 10 of Swords, shows aggravation and stress around the home front. This is the perfect card to describe what she has been through over the last while. The hidden unhappiness that was in for a long time is now out in the open for all to see. The Queen of Coins, shows Amber is capable of earning her own money. This doesn’t speak of the divorce settlement, but rather her money. Amber needs to brush herself down and start again. It’s a new day. The Lovers Card doesn’t speak of romance as its name would suggest. But it speaks of difficult decisions which have to be made. Amber knows that moving forward won’t be easy. There will be the whispering around corners and broken connections and all the unpleasant things that go with divorce. But she will just have to take a brave step and move forward. Never looking back, only forward. From all at 7th Sense Psychics, we wish her well with her future.

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