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Obama – Punishment doesn`t fit the Crime

Obama – Punishment doesn`t fit the Crime

Obama – Punishment doesn`t fit the Crime

When someone`s acts jeopardize the whole country, punishment is necessary. First to ensure that the crime isn`t committed again. Secondly to send a clear message to those who would attempt to do the same. Maybe most importantly to maintain balance and a feeling of safety among the people.

President Obama`s speech about wanting to commute Chelsea Manning`s sentence not only caused disbelief; it robbed him of many followers. Knowing what is right or wrong is never easy, especially in cases like this.

“I feel very comfortable that justice has been served and that a message has still been sent.”

Obama knew that many will disagree with him, but this didn`t stop him from doing `the right thing`. However, trying to do the right thing can be the very thing that will lead to one`s demise.

Chelsea Manning got 35 years in prison for disclosing top secrets, thus breaching social security. Although it was a serious crime, Obama thinks that that particular message had already been conveyed. Has it, really? The public opinion varies, but this certainly made people think. Why did Chelsea get the longest sentence ever for this type of crime? What will happen after Obama`s decision takes place?

What`s more, this is just another thing he doesn`t agree on with Donald Trump. Which raises a lot more questions, such as whether this will affect even Trump`s presidency. On the other hand, will he have the power to annihilate Obama`s decision?

Let`s ask the cards and find out! I am going to draw one card for Manning, one for Obama and one for Trump.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Three of Swords for Manning:
Pain, sorrow and grief are associated with this card. However, if you can see these as necessary in order for a better future, the pain can be bearable. Something needs to be sacrificed in order to gain clarity. Cleansing is also another aspect of the three of swords, and in this case the cleansing of sins. Remorse, making amends and looking into the future are key here.

Ace of Wands for Barack Obama:
You feel incredibly enthusiastic about your cause. You truly feel that you are doing the right thing. And this card tells you to go for it! This is a time to follow your instincts. Whatever they tell you, will help find the right path.

Three of Pentacles for Donald Trump:
Although you are nearly there, you might need the experience and guidance of others. Your views are strong, but listening to the `other side` also comes handy if you want to win the argument. Try to work together with those who have different ideas than you. They will only broaden your horizon, and fulfilment and satisfaction will be yours.

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