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Did Obama stand up for Standing Rock?

Obama Oil Pipeline

Did Obama stand up for Standing Rock?

Outgoing President Barack Obama has finally stepped into the long-standing argument over the Standing Rock pipeline saga. For what appears to be months, the world has watched as Native Americans fought to protect somewhere they deemed to be a very sacred place. What appalled the civilised world was the aggression they were met with for demanding what America is supposed to stand for: Liberty and Justice for all. Across Europe and the world, we watched horror scenes of unarmed people being attacked by dogs, freezing water and anything else to try to get them to back down. They stood strong and defended what they believed in.

To the American Veterans:
To you guys, a standing ovation from across the globe. You have shown the world that America is about equality and free speech. You have shown the world that this is a land of many nations, all combined on one soil, no one greater than the other. No belief stronger than the other. It’s a land where right should always prevail.

To Barack Obama:
Congratulations on making the right decision. One would ask why it took so long to recognise right from wrong? Alas, the right thing was done in the end. Sacred ground is more than just a piece of earth. It is the very soul of the people. If the rights of the American Native are undermined, then it knocks everything people believe America stands for right on its head. This is why the world was watching in disbelief at the events unfolding. Hopefully, a lesson can be learnt from this event.

To the Native American people:
Congratulations. You fought the good fight with honest souls and clear hearts. You stood bravely without aggression even when it looked you in the face. You did so to respect your Ancestors and their sacred place of rest. For this, the world is today feeling a great sense of respect for your people. We all have Ancestors and sacred sights which we need to value. Although the world must develop, it should be done with respect for these places and the belief that surrounds them. We owe it to our ancestors to remember them this way. Today your Ancestors are very proud of their children.

Let’s draw a power card around this event.

The Fool Card:
A new and brave step has been taken for all involved. The American dream is alive and well. The feeling that you should be safe and respected on your own land has now been restored. Some won’t be happy and they may try a new approach, but that’s fine, if the respect is maintained. I come from a land of castles and ancient shrines, it is vital that these places are maintained to perfection for the next generation. This world is only on loan to us, we are the caretakers only here to hand it to our children in good condition, otherwise, what is the point?


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