Our Obsession with Gems – Superstition or Science?


Our Obsession with Gems – Superstition or Science?

Precious and semi-precious stones have been the center of fascination for millennia. They are colorful, shiny and mysterious, so of course everyone wants to get their hands on them. But their true value lies way beyond any currency that we use in the material world.

True, in most ancient cultures, gems were a substitute for money. People died (and killed) for a small emerald brooch, or a ruby necklace. Pearls meant power, and they were more valuable than gold. However, these stones have an even more remarkable spiritual importance. Some thought they were gifts from the Gods, while others believed they came from another, parallel dimension.

Whatever their origin, it is undeniable that they have ‘magical’ and healing abilities. Hematite for example can ward against evil spirits and mental harm. Amethyst is known to enhance psychic abilities, while rose quartz is excellent for love spells. Chakras can be balanced with a gem that matches its color, too.

Whether you like them for their beauty or because of their colorful past, they will pull you in. Is this all superstition though, or is there some type of explanation for our obsession with gems? Well, each of them has its own story. And that story can sometimes go back millions (or billions) of years.

This timeless magic exists within us, too. From time to time, we go back to our ‘roots’ and appreciate all Nature has to offer. Could we choose a better way to celebrate life than with something Nature created? Something that survived year billions, untouched, undisturbed, unbroken? Gems truly are the perfect examples of eternity. The secret has been in front of us all along.

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Card One: Four of Pentacles

Gems were also associated with greed back in the day. As we all know, with power comes the desire for even more power. If one isn’t careful enough, these feelings can easily engulf them.

Four of Pentacles

Card Two: Knight of Pentacles

When we are surrounded by beauty, we tend to lose interest. We stop appreciating the little things, and only concentrate on the ‘big’ ones. This card is a reminder to stay content and be happy with what you have. Whether it is a ruby ring or a copper one!

Knight of Pentacles

Card Three: Queen of Wands

The message here is to believe in yourself. Find the gemstone that speaks to your soul, and with its help gain some confidence. Connect with that magical power within.

Queen of Wands

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