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OMG! Pigs Are Flying And Piers Morgan Actually Apologized To Ariana Grande

Piers Morgan

OMG! Pigs Are Flying And Piers Morgan Actually Apologized To Ariana Grande

Morgan criticized harshly Grande on Twitter following the Manchester attack for flying home directly afterwards. Pigs are flying, the temperatures in hell are subzero, and Piers Morgan actually admitted he was wrong. Literally anything can happen in 2017, folks. After a terror attack at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert claimed the lives of 22 people in May, the British TV presenter did as he is wont to do, i.e. stuck his foot in his mouth on social media. Instead of showing *gulp* actual human empathy, Morgan criticized the pop star for not visiting the victims in the hospital and flying home to be with family. He initially criticized her in response to a tweet that Katy Perry had sent out, arguing that it would have been nice for Ariana, 23, to have visited the injured victims just like The Queen had. Ariana flew straight back to the USA after the terror attack, and aside from one tweet where she described herself as “broken,” she had remained quiet on social media. Piers said that it had struck him as “odd” that she had returned home without visiting her injured fans. He said: “I can 100% guarantee you and I would stay & visit those who had been killed or wounded watching me perform.” Fans rushed to defend Ariana against Piers’ comments, but he stood his ground.

Of course, Grande not only returned to the city to surprise and sit with her injured fans but she also hosted the benefit concert One Love Manchester, which raised over $13 million dollars for British Red Cross’ Manchester Emergency Fund. The 23-year-old, along with a slate of performers, including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Coldplay, took the stage with a message of love and unity a day after another attack in the heart of London. Ariana Grande’s all-star benefit concert for victims of last month’s attack following her show in Manchester, England, has apparently won over the outspoken former CNN personality and current host of ‘Good Morning Britain’. He tweeted in response, “I misjudged you @ArianaGrande & I apologize. You’re an admirable young woman & this is a magnificent night.” “Emotions run high in periods like this. Last night’s concert showed me I had misjudged Ms. Grande. “I thought Ariana Grande was wrong to fly off after #ManchesterAttack. But tonight, she’s putting on a fabulous show,” Morgan wrote on Sunday.

Judgement Calls On Another’s Actions In An Emotional Situation, Usually Bring About Apologies

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Piers Morgan’s personality is total drama queen. He especially always has a lot to say about American artists, mostly unkind so this is so him being Piers Morgan. Kudos for him “eating humble pie” and apologizing for his statement without giving Grande an opportunity to show her true chops as a humanitarian.

The Devil:
This card is about fear and negative challenges in life and within. A situation such as the Manchester bombing, always brings out the best and worst in response. Morgan unfortunately showed his unattractive side in his judgement of Grande’s flying home after the incident.

Two of Cups:
This card is new relationship. I feel this card is representative of the positive effect Grande had with her benefit concert and how others will view her differently from now on.

The Hermit:
This card is one of self-examination and introspect. Anytime an incident brings about loss of life to the young or anyone, it brings on many emotions of how fragile life really is in the hands of hate.


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