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Oprah Winfrey showcases svelte figure, but will she keep it?

Oprah Winfrey showcases svelte figure,

Oprah Winfrey showcases svelte figure, but will she keep it?

Oprah Winfrey showcased a leaner figure on the red carpet whilst showcasing the Queen Sugar premiere in Burbank, LA.

Queen Sugar which was co-created by Oprah and Ava DuVernay is based on the Natalie Baszile novel. The series follows two sisters, Nova Bordelon and Charley Bordelon. Charley leaves Los Angeles with her teenage son Micah, to move to Louisiana in order to claim an inheritance of an 800-acre sugarcane farm from her late father. The series is directed by all-female filmmakers, and the girl’s girl herself Reese Witherspoon gave Oprah et al the thumbs up tweeting: ‘Hello ladies! Can’t wait for #QueenSugar!’ LBD’s were the order of the day with the exception of Tina Lifford who was seen sporting a red turban and a brightly patterned skirt.

Oprah’s partner of 30 years Stedman Graham did not appear to be in attendance with her. Not to worry, 22 year old dapper chappy Kofi Siriboe was happy to keep the billionairess company.

63 year old Oprah, a self confessed yo-yo dieter whose weight once reached 237lbs, was the picture of health. She reportedly bought $45million worth of Weight Watchers shares last October and is said to have lost 26lbs back in January this year.

Definitely a lady who puts her money where her mouth is!

Véronique’s Verdict

We drew the Lover’s, the Ace of Pentacles and the Tower. I feel that the lover’s shows that there are two sides to every story and two roads to take. This series will attract people for many reasons, each viewer resonating with the soul of each character. The ace of pentacles shows material gain. The series was very much a project that was a labor of love. The ace of pentacles offers the strength of the earth to do the work in order to bring plans to fruition. The sun reveals a life giving blessing. There is a lot of love around this production and the leaders are dynamic, inspiring and influential.  Leading by example is the order of the day for Oprah et al. The sun shines positivity and is the gift that continues to give. I feel that there will be further collaborations for this dedicated group.  Success is on the cards.

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