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Oracle Decks: Connect With Your Inner Self

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An Introduction to Oracle Decks

While my focus is mainly in Tarot, oracle decks are also a wonderful tool for introspection and answers. Oracles are easy to read and give a great deal of insight to the seeker of answers, and also, they allow you to connect with your inner self in a meaningful way and search in the depths of your own being for enlightenment.

Keep reading this article to discover how to pick an oracle deck that you vibe with and how to use it!

Choosing an oracle deck

Reading with an oracle deck for yourself requires virtually no skill other than an open mind. The oracle must speak to you in some way, so it is always best to go for a particular artwork that you like or feel intrigued by, choose a theme that you feel comfortable with, and images that are appealing to your eye and that you want to stare at. Most often than not, there is no system to follow and the guide-book that comes with the deck is a mere suggestion of the views of the artist when creating the deck, but it makes a wonderful tool to work with your intuition.

How to start working with your oracle deck

If you are a person who loves a bit of ritual, you can consecrate your cards with some incense, an oil that you like, a dash of your perfume, moonlight, sunlight or whatever else works for you. This is not required, but if you feel that some consecration of your newly acquired tool is going to help you connect, there’s no harm in getting it done.

Once you are ready, you can start shuffling the cards or opening them up in a fan while you are focused on your question. Open ended questions work best with this sort of reading system. For instance, a question I ask pretty often for myself is “What do I need to focus on this week?” and then I draw a card from my chosen deck.

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Using oracle cards to answer questions

If you are going with a different sort of question, more oriented towards getting a positive or negative answer, it is important to pay attention to your initial feelings about the card instead of discarding them and trying to dig deeper. It is at those moments when your intuition truly counts, just right before your more rational mind takes over. For instance, you could be asking “Am I going to get the job?” and draw a card that is titled, let’s say… “Stagnation”.

Probably your first idea would be “Heck, no!” but if you keep on looking at the card you could start rationalizing the whole thing and turning it into the answer you want. “Well, stagnation means that something doesn’t move… Something that doesn’t move is stable. And if it is stable it means that I’m getting this job for the long run!” See how it is easy to go the wrong way?

On the other hand, if you are going for a more open-ended question, you will want to dive deeper into the card. Take note of your initial feelings but also of any symbols, colours or shapes that may catch your eye, as well as your thoughts and ideas.

Using oracle cards for inspiration

If you are stuck in your writing, painting or you just feel a bit lost and you want some inspiration in your life you can use oracle cards to get you back on tracks. In this case, you will probably want to draw quite a few cards in a more or less meditative state until something catches your attention. Keeping a journal around in this case is a good idea!

Using oracle cards for advice

This is one of the times when the little guide-book comes in handy! Pick a card, look for the wise words of the artist about the card in your hands and meditate on the words you read. Probably your answer is hidden somewhere or it triggers a train of thought that contains valuable insight!

Have you ever tried an oracle deck? Tell me more about your experience in the comments!

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  1. When I first started tarot I was scared of it. I come from a deeply religious background. (Some women still wear dresses only). I would watch YouTube videos through my fingers, daring myself to believe.
    But for some reason, I fully resonated with oracle readings. I was pulled towards the wisdom of some very gifted readers and when theyd switch over to oracle cards for further understanding, I instantly sat up. The images and healing words resonated so deeply.
    When it comes to imagery and the wisdom guidebooks, I find I’m drawn to any and everything indigenous. If it’s indigenous in its wisdom and belief I have to have it.
    I truly believe this is because I have shamanic blood. This is probably due to having some Native American blood on my maternal side.

    I’ve looked at other oracles and the art doesn’t draw me in unless the images are either indigenous, animal or nature based.

    I now post healing messages on my Ig using my Shamanic oracle deck and others.

    I’ve come a long way 🙂