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Oreo cookie drones flying over New York City

Oreo cookie drones

Oreo cookie drones flying over New York City

Most of us know the feeling when we sit back, relax and dunk an Oreo cookie in milk. The cream-filled cookies aren’t only good for eating and dunking though. Since the 6th March, they can fly, too.

Americans have proven (once again) that there is always place for celebration. There are more than 1,200 national days, including ‘National Oreo Cookie Day’. Although it was slightly ‘overshadowed’ by International Women’s Day, cookies roared, too. Or they flew, if we want to be precise. If we want to be even more accurate, they were carried by drones over New York City on 6th March.

The five flying Oreo drones were to celebrate the marvellous invention. It has been 105 years since people could first taste the cookies. Time flies, right? And now so do Oreo cookies. Better watch out and have your milk glasses ready next year!

People also ‘celebrate’ by posting selfies in the company of a glass of milk and the famous cookies. It all goes under #NationalOreoCookieDay, so nobody misses a thing. Of course, people can grab a handful of the biscuits any other day, too. In today’s society, if you post a selfie with it any other time, you won’t be crucified, either. The inventor of National Oreo Cookie Day remains a mystery, just like the day when the tradition started. Only one thing is clear: despite its size, Oreo cookies are worth celebrating.

Although be aware: the drones flying over NY city were part of a ‘professional stunt’. Never ever try this at home! The message is clear: ‘dunk responsibly’. Let’s ask the cards what is in store for Oreo as a company. Will people ever get fed up of dunking?

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Four of Wands:
This card represents celebration within a community. Who would have thought that a cookie will bring people together? This marks an important milestone for Oreo. There is still a way ‘up’ for them.

Two of Wands:
This card speaks about the creative idea behind using the drones. Alas, this was but the first step, and many more will follow. What’s next? Will Oreo cookies fly without a drone in let’s say five years’ time? They might even fly into our mouths, too. What happens to the milk then?

Six of Cups:
Celebration is also about taking a trip down memory lane. Oreo’s path has been remarkable since its launch, one that needs to be remembered. 105 years of fame is a rare phenomenon. Still even after so much time, the cookies can bring child-like joy to people. Thank you Oreo…

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