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Staying Strong after Orlando Shooting

Orlando Shooting

What can anyone say to console the families of those who were brutally murdered by a lone gunman in a nightclub in Orlando this weekend? There are no words of comfort that will bring those lives back into this world; no deeds can be done to undo the evil of murder. The Man claimed to be acting on behalf of ISIS, whose radical laws have brought nothing but misery to the world. But there is no cause worth the life of an innocent being.

ISIS have made their views on Homosexuality known in the most barbaric way in  any country they have managed to get a foothold, and seek to try to spread this evil across the world. What right has anyone, in their short journey through life; to tell another you must to as I do, or feel as I feel? What right has any human being to use the name of God in whatever form you believe God to be, to condone such barbaric behaviour?

All people are born equal, and the tone of your skin, the language you speak or the person you love, does not take away from the right to an equally fulfilling journey. Life is a journey which should only end when your body and soul decides it is time, most certainly not at the hands of another. Last week these people were as you are now, going about their daily lives, unaware of the brutality which awaited them on a night that should have been filled with fun.

This is how final the end of life is; now there are many broken hearts left with just memories of a loved one, their voices forever silent, their laughter never again to be heard in this world, and their comforting arm never again to lay on the shoulders of their loved ones in their time of need. This weekend, many stars including the legendary Barbra Streisand, Miranda Jessica Lang and Frank Langella used the Tony awards ceremony to share their sorrow at the events that have unfolded. James Corden sent a powerful message that hate will never win, and I believe this is a message all people should hold in their hearts and minds.

We can only take this opportunity to share our condolences with all affected; as all we have are words but be assured they are sent from the heart. But we believe that your loved ones live on in spirit, free of pain, stress and in a place of eternal love, where you will one day be united. From all at 7th Sense Psychics, we send our heartfelt sympathy, may they rest in peace in the eternal light of love until we meet again.

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