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Ouch! What happened Beyoncé?

Ouch! What happened Beyoncé?

Ouch! What happened Beyoncé?

There are times when your professional persona comes into play and you show your true style, it’s also where you show your worth in your trade. Beyoncé you proved that you are the Queen of entertainment this week while you moved from “6 inch” to Haunted and caught your earring in your braid. The damage and pain were clear to see, but you kept on going. Wow, now that is a sign of a true professional.


This certainly shows how dedicated you are to your fans, and I’m sure they will remember you for it. But I don’t think they would have minded if you had stopped for a moment and let out a scream. But you went on to finish the night without any medical treatment. I know a few footballers who could take some tips on pain management from you. Luckily the blood spill was minimum, but that ear looks sore. Here’s hoping that you got it all sorted and you are now pain-free and with both earlobes intact.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What are the cards saying for you this week Beyoncé?

The knight of Coins.

This is the card of the professional. Your business side would be less known that your voice. But this card indicates someone who takes all of this seriously. It is to your advantage to show that you are in the loop for all your financial affairs. As it prevents any little surprises along the way. Good guidance is worth its weight in gold, and when in doubt, seek council through reputation rather that documentation.

The Hermit.

Here is the card that tells you that home time and withdrawal is as important as performing. As long as it’s only temporary, we would miss you up there. But it is important that there is time put aside to do absolutely nothing, but allow mind and body to recharge their batteries. No one is a machine, and we need to care for ourselves in order to put forward the best we can be.

The Eight of Wands.

A new wave of inspiration, perhaps a new album in the making for the new year? This card favours mental energy. The inspiration and ideas that flood our minds and set us forward on the next step in life. Open yourself to receiving and the ideas will come flooding in. It’s all there, you only need to ask the universe. Don’t set a time limit, for now, quality is far more important than quantity as you know.

The Verdict.

The Autumn or fall is a time of gathering thoughts. Just like mother nature encourages all her children with skin or fur, to store, you need to gather thoughts. You will have time to prepare them in the right order and bring them to where they should be. Come spring 2017, be prepared to burst forward with something new. This is the law of Mother nature, and it’s the best way to plant the seed of new thoughts, to harvest the fruit of what they can be.


Ouch! What happened Beyoncé?

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