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“Outdaughtered” Danielle Busby and a bad day out.

Danielle Busby

“Outdaughtered” Danielle Busby and a bad day out.

For most moms, a day out with the kids can be stressful. When you are a Mom of 6, then it is a struggle. When 5 of those children are all the same age, it can be a nightmare. Even with your own Mom along to help out, things can go pear-shaped very quickly. I’m sure every mother out there can sympathise with Danielle Busby this week when two of her quintuplets started vomiting during a shopping trip. Everyone knows those little ones can feel really insecure when they are not well and they need a lot of cuddles of reassurance. This is not easy when there are 2 sick and another 3 have to be watched, but luckily it was just one of those baby things they all do.

To Danielle Busby:
I know that at this time it is like running a factory and everything is up in the air, but try to look further into the future. 6 teenagers, ok that could be a bit stroppy with hormones, boyfriends and fighting over clothes and stuff, but at least you can sit back and have a laugh at it. All the hard work will be done. Babies will grow to ladies and you will have a lot of allies in your life when they grow. Although babyhood appears to be forever when you are going through it. When you look back, it was like a busy day. The years fly by so quickly, memories capture the moments that no camera can. Treasure every experience. One day, you will be relaying it to them as they struggle with kids of their own. This is the cycle of life and it’s all too fast.

Let’s check the cards to see what they say about your path.

The Magician Card:
Here is the card of the crossroads and choices. We make choices every day of our lives that define to paths we end up on. Yours may appear a little blurred at the moment due to the major activity in and around your home. Trust me it is on a wonderful path. Your little ladies are filling every corner of your life at the moment, but there is no better investment to put into your future than your children.

The Nine of Coins:
These are the material things in your life that may cause you stress. It’s difficult to keep an eye on the material things when the little people are demanding your attention and you need more of the material things because of the little people who are demanding your attention. It’s apparently a never-ending struggle between the two, but rest assured everything is in hand. The nine is a powerful number

The Six of Wands:
Well’ this is I’m sure pointing to the six little bags of energy in the form of children. Those magic little gifts that are around your life and making every day an adventure. Tiring yes, but worth every moment of the adventure. I’m sure as a mother you have already realised that although they are sisters, they are all different. Each little lady with her own unique character. This is their individual life energy.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

You are at the starting post of a long happy journey. Yes, there will be sleepless nights and temper tantrums, fighting and vomiting. They may be like this as teenagers too but for different reasons. These are the stepping stones to a destination that is never actually reached. This is because every time you reach a goal a new and more exciting one is just ahead. It’s an amazing journey which is hard at the start, but the repayments are uncountable.


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