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Overcoming Challenges With The Strength Tarot

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Overcoming Challenges With The Strength Tarot

Seeing the Strength Tarot card in any reading, tells me there have been challenges met and inner strength is what got them through it. We may know people that seem like they can handle almost anything, until they don’t. Everyone has a breaking point, people with inner strength is something that cannot be faked. It’s like holding your breath, those who present us with a lot of bravado in dealing with their problems in life, usually fold when it is necessary to call up the inner strength of faith and trust.

The Strength card represents inner strength, determination, and power, somewhat like the Chariot. While the Chariot exemplifies outer strength and will, the Strength card speaks of the inner strength and the human spirit’s ability to overcome any obstacle. Strength is about knowing that somehow, you have what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles. You work with lots of stamina and persistence, balanced with underlying patience and inner calm. You recognize what needs to be done and you go about it in a way that exemplifies your self-containment, composure, maturity and personal power.

The reversed Strength card is your invitation to take stock and restore your energy levels, you must take care of yourself before you can offer strength to others in assistance. In its shadow form, the reversed Strength card can signal that when you are experiencing fear, you are sometimes prone to explosive behavior, lashing out at others when you become overwhelmed. That inner strength you hold is raw emotion and sometimes it can get away from you and catch you off guard, aggressively pushing those emotions with a fierce force toward someone. The key is not to repress that raw emotion, but to learn how to channel it so it won’t cause emotional harm to others or yourself.

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In general, the Strength card is showing you the importance of how powerful your mind can be and to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want in your life. Its main point is that you have the ability to harness your thoughts and to use them for your – and everyone else’s – highest good. To do this, it’s important for you to take quiet time to meditate and spend alone time, versus of letting the power fly all over the place in a child’s tantrum because things are not going your way.

Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Career: Work should be going well for you when the Strength card shows up. If you’re looking for work, know that your resume is being looked at with a positive eye on your skill-sets and a job is showing up fairly quickly. If you’re already employed, and you have your eye on a promotion, don’t hesitate to promote yourself and negotiate for what you want. The results may pleasantly surprise you. If there is no room for growth in your company, then consider a move to another position where you can show off your skills.

Love and Romance: In the love department, things should be going very well if you’re committed to someone, feeling as though it is a mutually supportive relationship. If you’re single and looking, the timing is right for you to meet new people with a new self-confident air. Just the right energy to find that perfect partner, so go out and mingle.

Money: Finances should also be on an upward swing for you. Be strong enough to set a little aside, even if it’s only a little and of course share your extra finances with others in need. This card sometimes indicates that a big purchase is about to be made like a home or other big-ticket item.

Health: All in all, when the Strength tarot card shows up, it is an indication that most areas of your life is in very strong energy, so your health and vitality should also be strong now. Encouraging you to give up bad habits and possibly starting off with small changes in your eating habits and exercise routine.

Spirituality: This is likely to be a very personal spiritual time for you even if you don’t have any particular doctrine you followed. Your strength comes from within; mind, body and spirit. Be sure you are spending time on all three. If you receive the Strength card when you are at a low point in life, know things are to be looking up very quickly. This card is a reminder of your inner strength, where all challenges are met and growth is made possible.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Pulling the Strength card is a win/win in my opinion, showing you that things are about to get better and calling on you to pull out that inner strength to make it happen. We are all at the mercy of the unexpected but it is how we deal with it shows where our true strength comes from; trust and faith within ourselves and knowing that we are being guided where we need to go by a higher power.

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