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Ozzy Osborne thanks God for wife Sharon!

Ozzy and Sharon

Ozzy Osborne thanks God for wife Sharon!

Hell Raiser Ozzy Osborne has opened up about his sex addiction. He has dismissed claims that his affair with Michelle Pugh was anything more than physical. Ozzy’s representative has publicly apologized to Miss Pugh on his behalf, for allowing her to take their ‘relationship’ out of context. Pugh does not accept that she was part of an addiction because it felt like romance to her. Of course, it did! To add insult to injury Michelle Pugh has also decided to sue Ozzy’s daughter Kelly for emotional distress. Okaaay…! The rep went on to offer Ozzy’s apologies to the other ladies who he was sexual involved with over the past few years. The 67-year-old has decided to go into intensive therapy. His long-suffering wife of 33 years, Sharon Osborne continues to support him. Sharon admits that she doesn’t trust Ozzy and that his lies hurt.

Véronique’s Verdict

Oh dear, what to say! No women wants to hear her husband’s latest fling bleating on about a fictitious true love connection, in the least discreet manner. Ozzy’s rep spoke on his behalf and did the deed of informing all participants that Ozzy was ‘off the market,’ the inference being that all ladies were part of an addiction and therefore a mistake. Ouch! Sharon has been a huge part of Ozzy’s life for many years and will continue to be his mainstay. Michelle Pugh believed that she was special. Being part of Ozzy’s life was exciting and romantic for her. As a Psychic Tarot reader, relationship readings form part of many readings that we do and Ozzy’s scenario is not unusual. There are seldom winners where extra marital affairs are concerned.
What do the cards say? We have the World, the Ace of Wands and the Ten of Wands. These are very much Ozzy’s cards. Interestingly, the World is the final card in the Major Arcana and the Ace of Wands, the first card in the Minor Arcana. I feel that this is his last chance with Sharon. He has replaced one addiction with another, but will work on uniting and balancing the inner harmony that exists within him. The Ace of Wands indicates new growth. This is pure love where a new world comes into being. The Ten of Wands shows Ozzy’s commitment to intensive therapy. Although he has a strong personality, he has reached a point of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and emotionally drained. I feel that Ozzy will continue to redefine his goals and put his limited energies to good use moving forward. The Osborne family will recover from this incident. Good luck to Sharon!

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  1. wonderful reading, i do hope that Ozzy can get his act clean for him and Sharon are simply meant to be! Thank you for posting this!

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