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Page of Cups Tarot: The Creative Dreamer

Page of cups

Page of Cups Tarot: The Creative Dreamer

This particular Page of Cups tarot card is such a great card to see in any reading as it shows there is a creative movement in either an emotional, career or relationship blockage. Your creative juices are flowing in a surprising way and unexpected inspiration is coming from the realm of the unconscious and the spirit. The Page of Cups, like the Pages in all the suits, represents beginning, renewal, creative beginnings and synchronicity. Often, the Page of Cups heralds a positive message or news from loved ones.

This tarot card showing up in a reading spread also shows that your unconscious mind is trying to speak to you, possibly through your dreams or through synchronistic encounters with significant people. The message to be taken is that you must be open to the unexpected, occasionally bizarre impulses of the creative spirit and not shut out whatever those inspirations may be simply because it does not fit in with your rational point of view. The Page of Cups may also be an indication that your intuition is very sharp at the moment and you can receive messages from your unconscious mind. You may be more inclined to act on a hunch or have a psychic experience. This is a good time to trust your intuition and your gut feeling.

The Page of Cups showing up reversed can mean that you are dealing with a situation in emotional immaturity and blocking your ability to come up with creative solutions. This card encourages you to take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and to approach that situation without doubt and plenty of love, creativity and compassion.

In general, this card shows a need to let the child out to play, be creative and laugh. It can sometimes mean that you’ve been taking life and yourself far too seriously and you need to learn to laugh at yourself and get creative about dealing with your challenges with an upbeat and positive approach.

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When it comes to Career with the Page of Cups, even if it has been a shit year at work, there is something new that is coming your way in a creative approach that you never thought of before. Whether that be another job or just doing your job differently, it is a card of hope and positive anticipation. Life can change on a dime with those changes sometimes being positive. If you’re unhappy in your current work, know that you will hold the key to changing it.

With Love and romance on the table, it usually represents that a younger energy is about to become part of your love interest. Love doesn’t know about age, so don’t be too quick to turn down an offer of a date or time spent with someone that is younger than you. This card shows that love can come in unexpected packages and quite possibly about to sweep you off your feet, with you feeling like a young girl being courted. Give them a chance.

Where your Money is concerned when the Page of Cups shows up, it usually means that your financial situation is likely to take a turn for the better, with an extravagant energy attached to it. Meaning the possibility of a large purchase may be on the horizon for you as a new house, big trip or car.

When Health is being addressed, it is a piece of advice from the Page of Cups to be kinder to your body. Don’t push it to the limits in excess or indulgence. Listen to what your body is telling you. Your body is an intelligence and will talk to you when it is out of balance and not in harmony. Listen with great care and compassion for your wellbeing. For example: If you are having digestive issues, what in your life are you having trouble swallowing without recourse and possibly using food as a nurturing tool.

If Spirituality is a subject that comes up, it may be an indication that you are looking for a fresh approach to make a connection with the universe and your higher self. If you feel that your devotion is starting to sound and feel like, “blah, blah, blah”, it is a sign for you to step out of your comfort zone and maybe explore more non-traditional devotions. Search other traditions and belief systems that will challenge your traditional safety net.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

The Page of Cups is the heads up for you to listening to your intuition and never stop believing in your dreams. If you stop being creative about your future, then your dreams wither and die for you as you cannot see them anymore. Sometimes, even in our darkest moments, day dreaming and night time dreams can often provide a lighted ray of hope to help you see what you want to manifest for the future. All things are possible. If you can dream it in creativity, then you can manifest it into reality.

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