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How did Paris Jackson feel returning home?

Paris Jackson Neverland

How did Paris Jackson feel returning home?

Some would say she had a privileged start to life and this may be true, but Paris Jackson has had to endure the loss of a parent at a very young age. This does not get any easier, regardless of who you are, or where you were born, or who you were born too. This week Paris Jackson returned to Neverland, the home she once shared with her famous and sometimes controversial father, Michael Jackson.

This must have been a dream place for any child to grow up in and for Paris, it appears to have been a very emotional return. The place is filled with memories of a wonderful carefree childhood. During this childhood, she was protected from the media and the public, but she is no longer a child. She is now a young lady. Standing at the doorstep to her future. She posted a string of Instagram photos, as she told her story in pictures. One which included a llama which appeared to be posing for a photo and the other with old friend Macaulay Culkin.

She reportedly posted an emotional video hitting back at online bullies, but withdrew it shortly after. My advice to you on that one Paris Jackson is to rise above it. They are not worth the energy they try to demand. Small minded people who only have power when they sit behind a keyboard, are not worth losing sleep over.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What to the cards say about where you are in your life at the moment Paris Jackson?

Ten of Coins. This card talks of your focus on the things in life that truly matter. It’s not about finances as such. It’s about the things that matter to you. It’s as though you are standing at the dawning of a new chapter in your life and although your footing may be a little uncertain. There are things appearing on your path that will test you. In doing so, they will bring a part of your personality to the forefront. That even you were in aware off.

The Ten of Cups. Loved ones are a priority in your life and quite rightly so. You have a soft heart and although this is a good thing, it is the reason those bullies get so deep. Here is where the new you will start to emerge. Your heart will always be a good one, so don’t allow them to close that door. But you can isolate them by not responding. That is not being heartless, it is being clever.

The Hermit. This is the card of the inner self. That deep thoughtful place where only you venture and only a few will ever get a glimpse of. It is important that you ensure time to just you. Be careful of getting so busy with life that you lose your space. That place where you are most at peace. Always have that somewhere special you can go to when the world gets heavy. Even if it’s only in your heart.

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