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Paris Jackson. Soon to be wed?

Paris Jackson Wed

Paris Jackson. Soon to be wed?

The King of Pop’s daughter Paris has had the rumor mill on overdrive after ‘flaunting’ a mysterious ring on the third finger of her left hand. Paris has recently been amping up the PDA’s with her boyfriend Michael Snoddy. The 18-year-old has sensibly revealed that she is not getting married just yet. Apparently the ring was a little gift from herself. She has also reportedly given her 26-year-old boyfriend a promise ring with a Wicca symbol on it. Could this couple be sweeter?

So evidently, as a kiss is just a kiss, a ring is just a ring that she just happened to be wearing on that finger. The engagement speculation arose when there was a post on Instagram showing bad tattoos. One of the picture’s was a cartoon drawing of Michael Jackson which said, ‘Forever with us. He touched so many’. Paris responded to the post and revealed the ring. She has revealed many times that she feels under attack and that her boyfriend of six months is very supportive. Snoddy is a member of the ‘Street Drum Corps.’ He is her first boyfriend since she split from Chester Castellaw last year. Paris and Michael apparently met through an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and she has been quite vocal about this.

Let’s leave the last word to Paris who was recently interviewed by Flaunt Magazine giving her take on beauty. She said, ‘Beauty is something that cannot be defined, everyone has their own taste and shouldn’t be judged for it.’ Wise words Paris!

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did Paris draw today? We have the Tower, the Star and the Six of Hearts.

The Tower reveals the mounting pressures that Paris faces by being in the public eye. Her personal issues have been widely reported and it is perfectly understandable that she may react to certain posts. Paris is now eighteen years old and is still in the process of defining who she is as a person. This is an ongoing process.

The Star follows the tower in the major arcana and is representative of the calm that follows the storm. There is a sense that since she found her new boyfriend she has learned to channel her her feelings in a less aggressive manner. Right now, I feel that Paris is focusing on all that is good in her life.

The Six of Hearts is very much a card steeped in past history. It’s impossible to exist without hearing the mention of the legend Michael Jackson, or hearing one of his songs. Losing a loved one is devastating! Paris will continue to embrace the happy feelings associated with her late father and remember his inner beauty in the way that only she knows. Paris is correct when she says that everyone has their own taste and should not be judged for it. Something else that she has in common with her late father’s namesake.

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