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All passengers survive plane catching on fire

All passengers survive plane catching on fire

All passengers survive plane catching on fire

There is a saying that every plane lands (somehow), none of them remain in the air forever. What happens when the pilot can’t see the runway? If after landing that same plane catches on fire? We hear so many stories about the plane exploding, killing everyone on the spot. Only minutes before they would reach their destination. Well, luckily for some, there is still hope for the passengers. At least for those who travelled with South Supreme Airlines on Monday.

One might call the events that occurred on Monday magical or miraculous. It was one of a kind, that’s for sure. A commercial plane on its way to Wau in South Sudan crashed while trying to land. A safe landing was out of question, as the weather conditions made it almost impossible to see a thing, including the runway. As a plane can’t stay in the air forever, it had to come down (somehow).

The landing was risky and as soon as the plane touched the ground, it caught on fire. People thought that nobody would survive the crash and the flames. They just looked at the burnt-out wreckage, dumbfounded by the sight of the tragedy. Except, as it turned out, everybody survived. Yes, that’s right, there were no casualties. All 43 passengers got off the plane ‘safe’ before the fire consumed everything. Some suffered minor injuries, but they were (are) alive.

So, what was behind this miraculous landing? The people survived it for a reason, but what could it be? Let’s ask the cards to see what this story teaches us.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The Tower:
The ‘tragedy’ was due to an outside force, one that nobody can control. People are shaken up about what happened, especially the passengers. They thought they were going to die. Accepting that it wasn’t anyone’s fault can help move on. They got another chance from Life.

There is a meaning behind every event that happens in one’s life. We all have a purpose, and until we fulfil that purpose, we stay on Earth. This crash reminds us to find that purpose and live by it. If our priorities reflect that, balance could be achieved.

The Wheel of Fortune:
The wheel can turn both ways and in this case it turned upright, bringing a new beginning. We have to find the ‘up’ or the positive in every situation life throws at us. Remember, the wheel will always go around, but it can just as easily turn back into the positive position. Always have faith that things will work out for the better and they shall.


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