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Passionate New Beginnings With The Tarot Ace Of Wands

Ace of Wands

Passionate New Beginnings With The Tarot Ace Of Wands

When I see the Ace Of Wands Minor Arcana Tarot card laid out in a spread, I know that something life changing for the better is about to happen in a big way. The Ace of Wands is a sign to just ‘go for it’. It is a high action-oriented card that sees you feeling incredibly inspired and enthusiastic about pursuing a new idea or project that you have in mind.

The Ace of Wands is also indicative of a time in your life where you have that ‘breakthrough moment’ and feel very encouraged and motivated about a particular idea or passion. You have envisioned a whole new world and you are now very excited about the possibilities and the opportunities that are available to you. You are being given huge potential at this time and driven by a strong, creative force. It is also a perfect time to draw upon your imagination and to make your dreams reality and taking more risks.

The Ace of Wands represents a seed that is yet to grow into something more solid or sustainable. This card can sometimes mean an impending birth or a new chapter in your life that shows great promise and will bring a lot of passion with it. If pulled inverted, it can signify a restlessness or uncertainty about your life, not yet having a clear idea how to make it happen.

In general, Aces of any suit usually indicate new beginnings of a positive nature. Wands are in the realm of accomplishment and creation. If you are having a difficult time and the Ace of Wands shows up in a reading, know that things are likely to be getting much better very soon! In other areas of your life, the Ace of Wands usually means things are beginning to look up in that area or if inverted, as mentioned above, you are struggling with it.

Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

In Career, if you are looking for a new position when the Ace of Wands appears, a new opportunity bringing positive change is likely to show up soon. It is also an indication to get bolder and ask for what you want or need in the career arena. It reminds you that if you look at how you can raise the bar in your career aspirations and financial compensation, you are likely to be more successful than you’d dream possible.

Where Love is concerned, if you are single, this can mean the beginning of a new love relationship heading your way. Become more aware of any possibilities that can show up for you to bring that love into your life. If you are already committed to someone, the Ace of Wands tells you that the relationship is about to undergo a ‘new beginning,’ allowing a new level of understanding each other. Communicate more.

In the Money arena, the appearance of this Ace is usually the sign of a turn for the better in terms of fortune and wealth. It can sometimes reflect that unexpected windfalls of money may show up or an inheritance from unexpected sources. This gift does not always represent money as any kind of gift that has value to both the giver and the receiver can be indicated by the Ace.

Where your Health is concerned, it shows a new level of health and vitality coming in. If you have been dealing with a health issue, it indicates a turn for the better. It also suggests it might be time to begin a new health regime to start feeling better or fitting into that size 10 dress again! When the Ace of Wands falls into the health category, the payoff for stepping up your self-care game will be huge.

The Spiritual outlook on this Ace is to remind you that your mind and body are more closely linked than you realize and to look into becoming more active in your search for spiritual peace. This card can also mean a new spiritual influence coming into your life that is suggested to pursue or a change of beliefs.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Once again, one of my favorite cards to come up in a reading. The Ace of Wands always depicts an upbeat, optimistic and hopefulness about your future! It is an indication that you are feeling very positive about a situation or you soon will. Aces also tell you that if you are thinking about starting something new, now is a good time to do it. It is a prompt to be pro-active about going after what you want.

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  1. I will love to know about my love of my life does she still loves me oh and myself and who I am doing on my mentel heltha

  2. I enjoy reading your premonition & sometimes they are right on! Thank you for sending me my personal & tarrot. Are readings.

  3. I just want to say thank you for the reading. usually I would ignore the readings , but I didn’t this time and yes I have been focusing on stay positive. from the grace of God I not give up my hopes and dreams. but everything you have said about the ace of wand has pinpointed right the spot about everything. I’m just specter about a relationship. I do would so much be in love with who shows me his love and care for me would be amazing. I wouldn’t know how to react. but I’m willing when he finally pops into life.

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