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The Paths Of Spirituality, Occultism And Mysticism


The Paths Of Spirituality, Occultism And Mysticism

I have always been intrigued by how my friends and clients label themselves in their path of discovery for inner self. Some claim to follow the devout road of spirituality peppered with a dash of mysticism and occult beliefs, while others are mesmerized by everything occult peppered with a spiritual outlook. All being completely intrigued with the path of the unknown, unseen and unlimited potential we have as human beings to look outside our physical boundaries.

I have friends that are deeply into the occult but do not participate in prayer, devotion or quieting meditation. And then there are just the opposite, those that are devoutly spiritual, filled with goddess energy, prayer work and a deep connection to the Oneness of the Divine who wouldn’t touch a Tarot deck if their life depended on it.

What I have learned from these different approaches to the unseen and unknown force we have within us is that it is always the same energy and desire but effected by the personality, ego and open mindedness of whomever is putting it into practice. Some call it gifts, others call it forces and harnessing the elements.

Whatever approach you take for your soul to become more aware, spirituality is a must have foundation to become all that you are capable of.

In doing a little research, I came up with some interesting definitions of what the difference are between spirituality, the occult and mysticism. One thing they all had in common was that regardless of what your practices were or how you got there, being spiritual made it more.

Spirituality is the sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. It is a universal human experience that touches us all in some form or another. Particularly when it comes to witnessing the miracle of birth and the soul release of death.

Spiritual power is vast and luminous, constantly expanding both the finite and the Infinite. If something is little, a spiritual life will make it bigger. If it is already very big, spirituality will make it bigger still. When spiritual power is used, it is all peace, all harmony.

Spiritual insight involves “remembering something you have forgotten you knew.” It is the soul’s solitary adventure, dealing with the spirit within, which is the absolute master and controller of the body.


Occultism is the belief in or study of the supernatural or supernormal powers. It involves everything relating to mystical, supernatural, magical powers, practices, or phenomena. Occult power is of a different kind of energy than spirituality or mysticism.

You can say it is a direct, sharp and immediate power like the edge of a sword. In occult power, there is a movement which is almost always restless, always searching for more ways to express that power or gain more. A possessor of occult power without a foundation of spirituality rarely has peace, whereas the possessor of spiritual power is on a path of searching for continuous peace within and without.

When one is on the path of only acquiring more occult powers, there is always a struggle between the ego and the heart. Occultists tend to play up hiddenness, turning it into a kind of cosmic mystery presented in a way that only they understand and you are their audience or participating partner.


Mysticism can be defined as the pursuit of communion with the ultimate Divinity, Reality, Spiritual Truth or God. A mystic is a person who has found the balance of this union. The term has been expressed in various ways due to the differences in the religious, social and psychological traditions and these deep beliefs are often considered to be beyond perceptual or intellectual comprehension.

Mysticism is defined to be spiritual in nature but experienced in the perfect consummation of the love of God. The definition of mysticism is so wide that it cannot be limited to any one religious tradition but considered as the origin of many teachings.

In today’s definition, the word ‘mysticism’ is often used for non-rational viewpoints of life and the world in general. Spirituality and mysticism are considered to be interconnected as both deal with the transcendent or rapturous experiences. The approach and the commitment is what defines the difference between the two.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Regardless of what path you take to the awareness that you are more than just a vehicle having a day to day experience, spiritualty is always the key to awaken the process of “being more.” Once you become conscious that all gifts, powers and revelations are from One source of divine love, the possibility of expanding what you already are becomes without limitation.

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