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Patrick Dempsey says ‘Marriage is sacrosanct.’ Is the divorce off?

patrick dempsey

Patrick Dempsey says ‘Marriage is sacrosanct.’ Is the divorce off?

Yes, indeed Mr. Patrick Dempsey! This is one guy who had something of a wake-up call when his wife of 15 years issued divorce proceedings. Jillian Dempsey made the decision to call time on their marriage. Consequently, Patrick has gone all out to make better choices for himself and his family. It appears to have paid off.

The actor revealed that he was not prepared to let go of their marriage and never gave up on the idea that they would get back on track. Relationships can feel like hard work for many and this is something that would now resonate with Patrick and Jillian. 15 years is a long time to be with the same person, attempting to maintain that certain, ‘Je ne sais quoi.’ Evidently, this couple has worked through their issues together and as individuals, continuing their commitment to each other. Clearly, the bottom line being that neither were prepared to give up on what is essentially a good marriage.

Patrick was cast as the ‘charming American’ love interest in Renee Zellweger’s Bridget Jones’ Baby. He revealed that he would be open to reconnect with the Bridget Jones cast should a fourth installment of the series be in the offing. Patrick and Jillian, both 50, appeared united on the red carpet at the London premiere of the latest Bridget Jones installment. They were accompanied by their 3 children. Does this mean that divorce proceedings are off.

Véronique’s Verdict

Patrick drew the Six of Hearts, the Seven of Wands and the Princess of Hearts. I have to say that when the first card came out there was a glimmer of hope.

The Six of Hearts is very much entrenched in the past history of a relationship. When there are problems within an existing tie, this card shows that there is a focus on the good times when all was good within the connection. Patrick has a beautiful wife and three fabulous children. There is a fated element between this couple and a complete rapport. The opportunity is there to renew the love connection that didn’t go away in the first place.

The Seven of Wands is a card of facing life’s challenges in a defiant manner. We can tend to assert our individual belief’s within a relationship and so there should be some kind of compromise. I mean, surely you can’t be right all of the time, Patrick. Relationship therapy can help a couple work together to stay together. Conversely, it can assist in helping a warring couple part company amicably. This card by itself says that the relationship could go either way, Jillian was determined to assert herself in relation to how the marriage should be conducted, what is acceptable and what is not. She was prepared to walk away but their relationship history was too valuable to throw away.

The Princess of Hearts is the new beginning for them both but it did not happen overnight or by itself. There is a tendency for some people to think that their relationship will sort itself out. In some cases this works but not in this case. I feel that direct action was needed from Patrick to save his marriage and he evidently ‘grew a pair’ and stepped up. The princess of hearts is the rebirth within the existing relationship. Patrick and Jillian will continue to defend their individuality within the marriage whilst working together. I would say that divorce is not an option for these two. Happy families all the way. Well done both for removing the ‘ego’ from the relationship.

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