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Pearl Harbour veteran celebrates 105th birthday in gym

Pearl Harbour veteran celebrates 105th birthday in gym

Pearl Harbour veteran celebrates 105th birthday in gym

Celebrating one’s 105th birthday is a miracle in itself. Especially when that person is the oldest survivor of Pearl Harbour. Ray Chavez was born in San Diego, California – 105 years ago. Since then his life has been a roller-coaster ride. He lived through many inventions, wars and heartache. He ‘watched’ the creation of the first plane and survived Pearl Harbour. He even received a letter from George Bush.

Now, for his 105th birthday, he received many birthday wishes from hundreds of his fans. We can easily say that Ray Chavez is a living legend. One that still goes to the gym, even though he has to use a cane. Twice a week! Now, that’s dedication. His motto of ‘survival of the fittest’ couldn’t be more true, either. Especially because he started his birthday celebration in his favourite gym on Friday.

The fun didn’t end there. On Saturday, he was transported to USS Midway, along with his family. What a better way to welcome a new year, than being with the people you love? Well, with a concert and speeches that honoured his life, of course. Hundreds attended and cheered for him, wishing him many more years to come. Although Chavez did not expect so many people to take part, he was glad they did.

Chavez said: “Somebody upstairs is taking care of me and has extended my life this long and I’m very grateful.” So are we! It isn’t every day that people could meet a wise elder like Chavez. Let’s honour him by drawing some cards to see what he teaches us.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Four of Pentacles:
This card reminds us to take calculated risks. Living in one’s comfort zone might be safe and ‘comfortable’, but nothing ever happens there. If Chavez stayed in his own comfort zone, he might not have been so blessed. Living a long life isn’t everything, you need to know how to enjoy it as well. Forget material possessions and concentrate on your spiritual development.

Nine of Wands:
If someone knows how to leave the past behind, then it’s Chavez. He teaches us that we should let go, but also learn from our mistakes. You need to be aware of possible setbacks, but they shouldn’t hold you back.

Nine of Cups:
This card reminds us to enjoy what life has to offer. Everyone is blessed in one way or another, we just need to recognize that. As Chavez said, we are all being taken care of, so we should relax and let go of the worry. Good things are coming to those who have faith.


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