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The Perfect Couple – Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

The Perfect Couple – Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

Most girls dream about a fairy tale wedding. And then they grow up, and the magic is gone. They settle for ordinary or average. Their standards and expectations change. And yet, there are so many couples who live the life of their dreams. The marriage of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt certainly seems to be bringing back those dreams.


The couple got married back in 2009, and their affection for each other has always been crystal clear. Wherever they go, or whatever they do, their love shines through the day-to-day struggles. Nothing can ruin their mood, and they grab every opportunity to showcase their affection. For Anna`s 40th birthday Chris wrote:


“We have always wanted to try a Quilceda Creek cabernet. A Pacific Northwest wine that scores 99-100 in all those wine magazines. The vineyard is about 20 minutes from where we grew up and I’ve never had it. Anyways. I don’t know shit about wine. But GOD DAMN this woman is good lookin’ and the wine sure tastes good as well. Thankful for so much.”

And he isn`t the only one, Anna is head-over-heels in love, too. And what`s more, their love seems to be real. Well, happy birthday Anna, and we all wish you many more years of happiness to come. The two of you certainly share something unique and precious, don`t let it slip away.
Let`s ask the cards to see what`s in store for this “perfect” couple for the next few months.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Queen of Cups for Anna: Anna is compassionate, caring, nurturing and sensitive. Her intuition is very strong, and she lets Chris see himself through her own eyes. It`s like looking into a mirror, one that hides all the flaws and reflects only the good. Her heart is filled with warmth and love, which she shares with those around her.


Three of Wands for Chris: He is the man with a plan. Although both of them have achieved a lot, there are always more opportunities to enhance their relationship. And just like he planned Anna`s birthday, he has a lot more surprises for her in the coming months. A possible trip or vacation is in the cards, and a lot of positive changes.


King of Swords for both: Although everything seems to be rosy, clear thinking is required. Sometimes slight detachment is what`s needed in order for the bond to grow stronger. As well as negative changes can be challenging, positive ones can be, too. People change, and there is a need to adapt and find a way to stay rational. As long as you manage to change together, the relationship can remain intact. And there is nothing suggesting otherwise, so rest assured, knowing that everything is on the right track.

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