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Pete Davidson remembers his father a victim of 9/11

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Pete Davidson remembers his father a victim of 9/11

Pete Davidson the American actor and comedian took the opportunity to pay tribute to his late father this weekend. Pete’s Dad “Scot Davidson” died during the attack on New York in September 2001. Pete paid tribute in a light-hearted way, saying:

“One of my dad’s homies gave me his old dirty ass boots from work and a sick photo of him looking like a young legend!!! “he went on to say “Apparently my Dad wore sketchers how f—king embarrassing. Missing the Legend!!!” Thank you all for your kind words and support as always #werememberthem.”

Pete was only 7 years old when his father died. Another example of a life destroyed by the madness of what happened in New York that day. He has grown up with a father who is now but a memory. And his Father was robbed of the chance to be proud of his son. Loss and tragedy is something we face here at 7th sense on a daily basis. Believing in spirit allows us the comforting faith that those who leave this world, are still connected to us.

I have no doubt that those who were lost on a day that will be forever remembered. And they are aware when America gathers to remember them every year. Pete is like too many people across America. Those who can find no peace with the senseless killing of innocent people that day. Every year the thoughts of the world turn not only to those who died needlessly. But also to the family they left behind.

Grief is something we deal with a lot on the tarot line. Although we do not contact those who have passed over for moral reasons. Through the cards, we can help find a way forward. A reminder that there is a tomorrow for those who are left here. We must remember, grief is a natural emotion. It’s something every single human being must experience at some stage in their life. We carry on in respect for those that have left us, and we carry their memory forward into the future. Through us they still live. I have no doubt that Pete’s father is very proud of the young man his son has grown into. Having experienced loss at a very young age, he now spends his life making people smile. That’s what it is all about.

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