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The new phenomenon- dancing grandmas on the street

dancing grandmas on the street

The new phenomenon- dancing grandmas on the street!

Dancing grandmas on the street. Yes, you read that right. Knitting, watching soap operas and baking are no longer the favourite pastime activities for retired people. They recently found a way in China to stay fit. Today, the new trend seems to be a worldwide phenomenon.

Keeping fit at an elderly age is especially important and can extend one’s life expectancy. Due to its monotone tendencies, people don’t always stick to their goals. Walking or running could be boring, especially if you are alone other times of the day, too. So hence comes the new initiative. Retired women (and occasionally men) gather around in town squares, dancing to the music.

Exercise in a group boosts their self-confidence, helps them overcome their barriers, stay fit and have fun. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well, not according to everyone. Some claim the music is way too loud, and that hundreds of ‘grannies’ are causing major disruptions. So, from the 1st March, regulations state that people dancing on the street have to pay a fine – in China.

Whether this fate will extend to other countries as well in the future is a good question. Are they making the right decision by punishing the dancers? For most of them, this is the only way to feel connected to others. They are looking forward to their gathering each and every day.

A possible solution could be to create more public sports facilities for the elderly. Ones where they wouldn’t ‘disrupt public order’. Seriously, do they hurt anyone?

Let’s consult the cards to see what’s in store for the dancing groups.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Three major arcana cards, three meanings that intertwine.

Justice will be served and the elderly will find a way to continue keeping fit. Whether this will mean the same activity elsewhere, or something completely different, well, we shall see.

The Wheel of Fortune:
The wheel’s turn brings change with it, but this time it’s all positive. Remember, when one door closes, a window opens somewhere else. Luck is changing, so watch this space! We might still see dancing grannies here and there.

The World:
A cycle has ended, but another is about to start. A new world, full of new possibilities. Wonder what will be their next move? Either way, their dedication will pay off eventually.


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