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Pippa Middleton’s love don’t cost a thing!

Pippa Middleton Engagement

Pippa Middleton’s love don’t cost a thing!

Pippa Middleton, Kates sister, future Queen of England, has graciously accepted the proposal of millionaire ‘waitie Katie’ James Matthews. James finally proposed to the girl of his dreams with a £250,000 diamond engagement ring, a £14,500 Cartier Ballon Bleu watch and the promise of a £100,000 classic car, as well as posh holidays and swanky restaurants, some charging £50 for a steak, not to mention the use of his £3 million private jet. Gosh! And that’s just for starters! James even spoke with Matriarchal mummy Carol in the hope of sealing the deal. Evidently, gone are the days when one asks the father for said lady’s hand In marriage. Somewhat different dynamics to those of big sis’ Kate who served a gruelling 10-year apprentice with Prince William before tying the knot with the future King of England. For Pippa, the sky is the limit and clearly, money is no object, but whether you believe this relationship is all about the pomp, ceremony, and cash. I believe there’s a lot more substance here than that!

Véronique’s Verdict

So what do the cards say for the newly engaged Pippa? She drew the Temperance Card, the Two of Pentacles and the Prince of Wands. As with many relationships, timing is key. Pippa has known James for many years and they have observed each other from a distance in that time, but the chemistry was always there between them. There is a sense of practicality and permanence here, the consideration that one marries once and marries for life. Temperance is the fourteenth card in the major arcana and falls between XIII death and XV the devil. ‘Savvy’ Pippa and ‘Canny’ James are very much in control of their own destiny. The Two of Pentacles signifies the ever changing nature of materialism. Yes, the Two of Pentacles is a money card, and despite the elaborate gifts that James has bestowed on Pippa, this card is more about the infinite symbol of what is truly important, less about materialism and more about growing into the next phase of life and adapting to changing situations, the goal being contentment. The Prince of Wands signifies change on many levels, this is their journey into the unknown, the excitement of where it may lead. There is a competitive disposition with this relationship, that theirs will always be a better connection than their friends and loved ones and therefore it will be long lasting. It is very much a relationship of equals. Despite the elaborate gifts and romantic gestures, it is very much a meeting of the minds and of the hearts with not a penny in sight. An Alchemical Marriage? I would say it comes very close!

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