2021 Tarotscope

Pisces Tarotscope for 2021

Reading the Year Ahead for Pisces

A tarotscope is a horoscope that uses tarot cards to guide the astrological divination and help focus it for the reader. Here I’ve pulled three cards to illuminate what’s coming up in 2021 for Pisces.

January to April: Eight of Wands

There is a sense of flight about the opening of the new year. Almost like taking off into the air. This could be because in a lot of areas, restrictions are lifting, and you can move more freely. The Eight of Wands shows energy, and imagination working full time. Your brain is sharp and focused, and plans seem to be rolled out across your path. Imagine anything is possible because anything IS possible. You are surrounded by people who are feeling the same sense of freedom. This is when the Pisces fish gets to swim with the school of fish, and the journey will be made all the easier and more fun because you are moving like one unit. All working towards a better day in the future.

May to September: Ace of Cups

There is a lightness in the heart of Pisces in the summer months. For some this could be new love, or for others it could be realizing the value of a love you have had for years. However, it can also mean Just a newfound love for life. Either way your heart appears to be lifted, and this is all Pisces needs as fuel for your journey through the year. The Ace of Cups is the first flicker of love, that magic moment when you see some things or someone in a new and beautiful light. Plans made at times like this are nearly always successful because you invest fully into making things happen. Being a water sign, emotions are the fuel that drives you forward, and into happier areas of your life.

October to December: The Magician

The Magician card is a card of opportunity. Many roads lay out before you as you enter the end of the year. This is like the universe showing you these options to keep you alert. Choices are always a good thing to have, so if you are feeling at this stage that things are not suiting your needs, keep looking. You appear to be in a great place at this time of the year. Behind you is a spring and summer of happiness and growth, and ahead of you is an open door to yet another golden spring with yet again more offers being sent your way. The months at the closing of the year should be used to sit back a little and reflect, and project. Determination is a good way to describe a Pisces once they feel a turn in the tide. Follow your heart and your instincts, this is your connection to the universe and the universe will guide you.

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