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Is Playtime over for Dani Mathers?

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Is Playtime over for Dani Mathers?

Dani Mathers describes herself as a Model, Actress and Radio Show host. She was also Playboy’s Playmate of the Year 2015.

Earlier this year in July, the 29 year old Malibu native made headlines for very different (shocking) reasons. Mather posted on Snapchat a photograph of herself mocking a 70 year old woman with the caption, ‘If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.’ The 70 year old fellow gym member was photographed in the gym’s shower area, unclothed and unaware that she had been secretly photographed. Mathers did not indicate in the post what she found offensive about the pensioner.

And so now Ms Mathers has been charged with invasion of privacy for ‘allegedly’ photographing the lady and mocking her on Social Media. Not big and not clever. And the law evidently agrees. A pre-trial date is scheduled for December 21 and if Mathers is convicted then she could face up to six months jail time and a $1000.00 fine.

Let’s leave the last word to Thomas Mesereau, Ms Mathers’ lawyer, ‘I hope the rumors are not true. Dani Mathers never tried to hurt anyone at any time and certainly never tried to break the law.’

Véronique’s Verdict

I think many will agree that on the whole, social media has an abundance of positives. It allows us all to communicate with people globally, something we might take for granted in this day and age. However, this case which shows the negative side of social media is appalling on every level. I wonder if 20 something Mathers is truly sorry, or just sorry she’s been held accountable. Let’s see what the cards say.

We have the Princess of Swords, the Two of Swords and the Justice card.

The Princess of Swords represents Dani Mathers with her pretty, child-like smile. There is a reckless energy within this card and a sense of being infatuated with her own train of thought. I feel that Mathers is sorry… now.

The Two of Swords shows the parting of the clouds on the night sky. This appears to be a waiting game for Mathers. She is currently in a stalemate situation, all she can do wait and work on calming her mind.

The Justice Card is no surprise here. Mathers should prepare to reap what she has sown. Legal proceedings will take place and lessons will be learned, albeit enforced.

This is a very sad situation. Humiliating another is never acceptable and in this instance, a young lady has been made accountable for her heedlessness. Of course, we cannot guide on the outcome of the case, but make no mistake, Justice will triumph and lessons will be learned.


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