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Possessed Doll Purchased On Ebay Reportedly Attacks Its New Owner

Possessed Doll Purchased On Ebay Reportedly Attacks Its New Owner

Possessed Doll Purchased On Ebay Reportedly Attacks Its New Owner

Possessed Doll Purchased On Ebay Reportedly Attacks Its New Owner. It looks like all those horror films portraying dolls like Annabelle to be demonic vehicles may have some truth to it according to an avid paranormal investigator, Lee Steer, who purchased the doll on Ebay from its former terrified owner. Debbie Merrick made headlines after she purchased the China doll for a mere $6 and then started to notice strange happenings. She claims the doll became possessed and it had viciously attacked her husband while he slept. She then decided to get rid of the demonic doll and put it on Ebay with the full story behind it. This is where Lee Steer comes into the story. He just had to have the doll and purchased it on Ebay from Debbie for roughly $1,000.

Skeptics would hesitate to believe the story. But once Steer relates what happened after the doll finally arrived, you just might never look at the doll in your toy box the same way again. Making seemingly innocent objects the subjects of fear and evil has been a staple of horror films since the genre was invented. After all, it’s naturally unsettling to imagine that any one of your child’s toys could possibly be out to harm you and your family. Lee bought it as he was interested in seeing if the rumors about Debbie’s doll were true, so he was more than happy to welcome the possessed toy into his home. It wouldn’t be long, however, that he would come to regret that decision.

It turns out that since purchasing the doll, Lee’s father, Paul, has been subjected to the same vicious attacks as Debbie’s husband. He’d woken up on numerous occasions with scratches all over his arms and he was worried that the doll was harming him. Not only had the doll’s presence threatened Lee’s family but has affected their home too. They reported flickering lights, random objects being broken and strange noises. Here is the strangest part of the story, Lee has not gotten rid of it and still experiencing attacks from the doll. Perhaps, the paranormal investigator in him just won’t let him part with it before he has figured out the why and wherefores of how the doll became possessed. But a sane person would say the hell with it and might just want to reconsider if his family continues to fall victim to its vicious attacks! I guess Steer is one dedicated paranormal investigator who if he keeps the doll might find his wife and family living elsewhere one morning. Wishing them all a safe journey until the doll moves on.

Yikes! Someone Please Make This Doll Go Away! LOL!

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Having experienced the wrath of a few paranormal incidences myself growing up, personally I think playing with an angry unknown energy is asking to get your ass kicked or your family’s. Sometimes you just have to walk away from the mesmerizing glow of the fire and not stick your hand in it to see if it is really hot!!!

Two of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
Stalemate and undecided about something out of your control. I believe Steer’s fascination with the so called possessed doll is not being able to decide what to do with it or how to stop it from doing any harm to himself or family, but he cannot resist the lure of the unknown. Like someone who watch horror movies with their hands over their eyes and has scary nightmares from them but still can’t stop watching them.

Nine of Wands:
Working through a difficult situation. Steer’s is determined he is going to figure out what is up with this doll and why it is so malevolent at all costs.

Ace of Pentacles: Inverted
Wealth brought in your life through a situation. This card may also represent Steer’s alternate plan of getting enough publicity from this doll to turn it into a profit-making situation for him.

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