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Former Power Rangers Actor Sentenced for Manslaughter

Former Power Rangers Actor Sentenced for Manslaughter

Former Power Rangers Actor Sentenced for Manslaughter

Ricardo Medina Jr., 38 years old and former star of “ Power Rangers Wild Force ”, was sentenced to six

years in state prison for the stabbing death of his former roommate Josh Sutter. Medina Jr. pleaded guilty earlier this month to one felony count of voluntary manslaughter and admitted to stabbing Sutter two years ago with a sword. Six years was the maximum sentence. Medina is best known for playing Cole Evans/Red Lion Wild Force Ranger in 2002’s “Power Rangers Wild Force.” He also played Dekker in “Power Rangers Samurai” in 2011–2012 and has had small parts on “ER” and “CSI: Miami.”

The 38-year-old actor was arrested for the crime back in January, after he and Sutter allegedly got into an argument that turned physical from an argument over Medina’s girlfriend. According to LA County Sheriff’s Department, Sutter forced himself into Medina’s bedroom, where Medina had gone with his girlfriend in the midst of the argument. The actor then stabbed Sutter with a sword he kept in his room. Afterward, Medina reportedly called police and was arrested when they arrived. The actor was held in jail for short period, but was released after a few days because the DA’s office declined to file charges against him. The DA did, however, ask the LA County Sheriff’s Department to continue their investigation into the incident. At the time, Bell said the case was “a self-defense case,”. Apparently after further investigation, Medina was then charged with first-degree murder in the death of Joshua Sutter. Ricardo Medina Jr., who said he acted in self-defense, pleaded guilty earlier this month to voluntary manslaughter. Medina’s attorney, Stanley L. Friedman, said his client agreed to plead to the lesser charge rather than risk a murder conviction and a possible life sentence.

Was This Really a Case of “Self Defense” As the Former Power Ranger Actor States?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Three of Cups:
This card represents celebration. An odd card to come up for him under the circumstances but I believe this is how he feels in terms of the sentence he got and could have faced a murder charge. I also feel he knows that his violent act was done in rage and with intent to do harm and the death of Sutter was the outcome of it.

Nine of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card represents depression for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t be depressed after such a terrible turn of life circumstances for all involved. It is inverted, so it does show he is somehow hopeful that after this is all over, he can pick up his life. He would not be the first actor who had a comeback after jail time. Think Robert Downey, Jr. and Home Improvement comedian Tim Allen.

Ten of Cups: Inverted
This card represents emotional dreams coming true. Since it is inverted it obviously means some shattered dreams the actor is now having to deal with. With this card inverted, it usually means whomever it is pulled for shows them always bouncing back somehow.


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