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Powerful Manifesting Versus Willful Wanting

powerful manifesting

Powerful Manifesting Versus Willful Wanting

I have been told many times that I am skilled at powerful manifesting. Well gee thank you but does that mean that I have gotten everything my little ole heart has desired, hardly. But what has become obvious to me is while I do usually get what I put out there in the universe, it is the heart intention behind the manifesting that becomes the big key of how it arrives in my life and the outcome. It requires the ability to let go of controlling what you are looking to manifest, detaching from the outcome and let the Universe do its thing. Not an easy thing to do, as we all know.

To put it simply, heart intention is how we commit to showing up in life. How we choose to be, regardless of external forces. It’s the tone or the quality we choose to embody. It’s about how we approach our power manifesting of what we desire in life. Most of us, when we send out a want to the Universe, we approach it as a goal that is attached to our external conditions. Believing that our internal happiness is based on whether we get what we are trying to manifest.


Goals are fickle, wild and entirely out of your control. There’s a sense of attachment and of grasping. Goals may change. Your goals may, in fact, be at the whim of some other force. You can hustle all you want and be disciplined all you want. You may even meet your goals or not. Impermanence in life is the only real game going on. Your life journey may have other plans. Your goals may not come to be, either because you change or life does.

When you’re setting intention from the heart? That’s where the real magic happens. You start to get somewhere meaningful, because you don’t need to rely on the actions and opinions that often have nothing to do with you.

It also means that you’re less likely to be thrown off your game. The thing that you wanted to happen didn’t happen? It’s totally okay, something is going to show up that feels like happiness anyway.

Sound a little confusing? The power of manifesting with the Universe comes with a heart connection of WHY you are putting the effort into getting what you want.

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For example: You want a loving partner to come into your life and you visualize, do the grocery list, go hunting on the dating sites and vigilantly keep your eyes alert to when he might show up. But why are you wanting that partner? So you don’t feel alone anymore, don’t feel un-loveable, you are the only one in your crowd that is still single or you truly believe you will be happier if you have someone to love you?

Those are all external willful wants that you believe will make how you are within happier. And maybe you do get that man of your dreams but guess what, eventually even he does not bring the happiness you were hoping for.

The success of manifesting what you desire comes with the different energy of these two statements. “Thank you, thank you for showing up in my life and making me feel loved and not alone” or this energy, “Well yeah, where in the hell have you been because I think we make a pretty special couple together!” The first statement comes from a willful goal setting of lack and the second statement comes from the energy of intention to share your wonderful self with someone just as wonderful. Where there is real self-heart desire, power manifesting your results becomes a lot easier.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Great manifesters understand the process. You set the intention, you align your energy with what you desire and you SURRENDER. You don’t squeeze the Universe with impatience and you surround yourself with like-minded kindred spirits that support you on your journey. While you surrender the “how” to the Universe, you also come up with a plan that keeps you moving towards what you are manifesting on a daily basis. Eventually, it does show up in the form of your own heart’s intention. All prayers are answered, it is up to you in what form they arrive.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the stories. Something that I can relate to a little. I’ve been trying to embrace my. Knowledge of what I have recently came. To understand to be a good thing not a bad thing.

  2. Thank you for this article. I have recently gone through a breakup with what I thought was the partner of my dreams initially, but I was wrong. I am now going to focus on what it is that I truly want in a partner, then manifest it! This article was definitely a huge help!