Preparing for the first Mercury retrograde of 2022

As in any given year, we average between three to four Mercury retrogrades a year. In 2022, we have four officially, though the final one will take place mostly in the following year.

They are:
• January 14th to February 3rd in Aquarius
• May 10th to June 2nd in Gemini
• September 9th to October 2nd in Libra
• December 29th to January 18th, 2023, in Capricorn

Unique characteristics of each Mercury retrograde

Each Mercury retrograde has a distinct theme or pattern to them, and how they will affect each astrological sign. In order to give a precise reading on how these Mercury retrogrades will affect you personally; I would recommended that you contact one of us here at 7th Sense for direction and guidance.

Of course all Mercury retrogrades affect communication, legal matters; contracts etc. but also play havoc with electronics and mechanical failures. Prior to any Mercury retrograde, it is always wise to make sure that all of your electronics are updated and properly serviced and that goes for vehicles and appliances as well.

Avoid disputes and work on communication

Since we are coming out of two unprecedented years fraught with everything from Covid-19 to social and political unrest, the first Mercury retrograde this year will be centered on relationships and how we connect and communicate with others. It is imperative that we settle any disputes with coworkers, friends, and those we love prior to the apex of this first retrograde by January 20th.

This would not be a good time to come into conflict with others because of the ramifications moving forward in February. This upcoming Mercury retrograde would be the perfect storm to separate or dissolve love relationships if resolution to disputes are not remedied.

During this Mercury retrograde period, it would also be advisable to block that toxic ex or those with whom you have already had a previous negative experiences with because frustration and anger will surface affecting your ability to focus on others of importance.

Don’t fear Mercury retrograde

Remember that “retrograde” means moving backwards and that is not always a good thing. However, it also allows us to tweak and prepare us to move forward as well.

Many advances can be made in areas of finances and careers even during this time as long as you are focused and have a good work ethic. Mercury retrogrades are all reflective. So, if you get a call from someone you have not heard from for a while don’t be surprised! That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the person right? Just remember to be diplomatic and collected when responding to those that you would prefer not to hear from.

Many fear the word “retrograde” whenever it’s referring to Mercury, personal planets, or our archetype planets. With proper direction and guidance during these times, we at 7th Sense are here ease the difficulties you may be experiencing during these astrological events, and guide you towards your goals even during these times. If a harmonious balance is struck with coworkers, family, friends and other loved ones prior to these retrogrades, then there is nothing to fear.

Conflict only comes when unresolved issues fester and grows into something that convolutes intent. Sometimes ambiguity is a breeding ground for suspicion and speculation in love relationships. That is why it’s important to address matters when possible face-to-face because other means of communication during Mercury retrograde many times becomes distorted and impersonal where emotional attachment could be lost.

Since I specialize in matters dealing with love and romance, family, and finances, please contacts me or my other colleagues here at 7th Sense so that the start of your New Year will be the best start possible!

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