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Not my President – or is he ?

Not my President or is he

Not my President – or is he?

The 45th Presidency of the United States is one of the most controversial ones of all times. It only started a month ago! Yet, people have been lobbying ever since against the new President. Award ceremonies were ‘used’ to voice celebrity opinions and encourage their fans to take action. The Women’s March also wrecked havoc and so did the ‘Not my President Day’ protest. There have been major debates all over the World, both in political circles and personal ones. People have been questioning their own choices, as well as Trump’s.

Not that there wasn’t ground for disagreement. Trump voiced a strong opinion on several important factors. It wasn’t always positive, to say the least. He is against immigration, same sex marriages and claims that climate change is a ‘hoax’. Yet he was voted the 45th President of the United States for a reason. Furthermore, many of his supporters remain loyal to him to this date. So, what makes so many people still root for him? What is behind his charms?

Maybe it is the way he speaks what is on his mind. He isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, regardless of who he is talking to (or about). He might come off strong and harsh, but he is telling the truth, right? According to many of his followers, his bad reputation is all the media’s doing. Trump might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t change facts. Although the way they are presented has a huge effect, too.

Isn’t it Trump’s media presence itself that sets off the balance? Usually the press doesn’t have much work to do in ‘blackening’ his name. Then again, every coin has two sides. Trump’s comments can always be taken in at least two ways. His methods are radical, but maybe that’s the whole point. So, what is it that makes those people proud of having him as their president? Let’s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

King of Swords:
The king is a wise man, who knows it all. He places logic above all emotion, that’s why he can come through as harsh and ruthless.

The Hermit:
Trump is fighting a battle on his own. It is a necessary battle, one that he can’t share with anyone. He knows that, too.

Knight of Swords:
It is always interesting when the king of swords and the knight are together in a reading. To me, in this instance the king represents Trump and the knight his followers. They look up to him, because they believe that he knows everything. They look up to him, placing him on a pedestal, so to speak. In their mind, they are but apprentices, while Trump is the wise teacher.


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