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The Presidential Election – The Final Hours

The Presidential Election – The Final Hours

The Presidential Election – The Final Hours

The countdown has now begun, and we are mere hours away from the end of 2016`s The Presidential Election Debate. And alas, the start of a new era for the United States. Both parties had their ups and downs during the past months, and both have been trialled for their past errors. Some find Hilary guilty, while others think that Trump`s behaviour is unacceptable.

And, of course, we all know that nothing is set in stone until the final moment. One can predict what is more likely to happen, and what stands less chance. Whichever party wins, the other will surely suffer. But again, this is the case most of the time when people`s opinions are so divided.
When placing their votes, people decide about more than their own future. We are talking about America`s future now. A future that`s yet uncertain, but uncertainty often brings with it the possibility for something better. Change isn`t always welcome, but it is inevitable.

Let`s ask the cards how both of them feel about tomorrow. And what the election in general will mean for the nation.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict

The Tower for Hilary Clinton: This is a time for her to realize that the victory she took for granted may as well be threatened. Her peace is shaken by a sudden disaster, which could refer to the FBU investigating her leaked emails. Although they didn`t find her guilty, the number of Trump`s fans grew slightly since the incident. As much as this is frightening for Hilary, she needs to go through these motions. She will come out stronger on the other side.

The Hierophant (Reversed) for Donald Trump: Trump seems to feel restrained, trapped even. This is a time when he questions his own behaviour, not sure where to go next. On one hand, he wants to rebel and ignore tradition. Yet he knows that it wouldn`t do him any good. The fight is definitely going to be challenging for both of them.

The Hermit for the people of the United States: I drew the Hermit card for the nation. The card in itself isn`t negative, but rather necessary. The time following the election will be a time for everyone to look deep within. There won`t be any more distractions, only reality. Until now we thought that the election would solve all our problems. Well, it won`t. There is a realization that the truth lies within ourselves, and not in the outside world. Seclusion and turning away from political matters is key here. What could be done is done, and it is time for change.

Although at first this will mean a divided nation, this time “apart” is much needed. There is a lot to learn and a lot to digest, so everyone should take their time. We can only hope that whoever gets the final vote will make sure to help reunite the people.

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