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Princess Diana Lonely Spirit Interviewed by Japanese Psychic

Princess Diana Lonely Spirit Interviewed by Japanese Psychic

Princess Diana Lonely Spirit Interviewed by Japanese Psychic

This is certainly a different take on the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. A psychic has written a book claiming he has been in touch with the lonely spirit of Diana and is helping her. Of course, from that book, he is also putting plenty of money in the bank with his interesting take on conversing with the spirit form of the deceased Diana. The title of the book is “Spiritual Interview with Princess Diana” and so far, has sold 100 million copies and has been translated to 28 languages. Proving our love affair with the beautiful “English Rose” continues on, even after her death.

Ryuho Okawa is a Japanese psychic who claims to have summoned the ghost of the princess and earlier this month released a full transcript of their “interview.” Ryuho Okawa is known as a ‘renowned spiritual leader’ in Japan and founded the Happy Science movement, ‘dedicated to bringing greater happiness to humankind’. Okawa began the interview by ‘summoning’ the spirit of the princess, followed by polite greetings of “Good afternoon”. Here are some of the questions he asked Diana and her responses from that interview.
“Are you Princess Diana?” Okawa asks. “Uh huh, yes,” comes the response. (Really? Has Diana ever said “Uh huh” in an interview? She worked with a speech coach for Christ sake so I highly doubt she would not respond like that.) What follows is a bizarre series of questions and answers which, Okawa claims, were given “by the princess herself”. They even refer to Kate Middleton, with ‘Diana’ quoted as saying: “Catherine is very kind to me. I feel like that.” Asked if she can forgive her husband, the ‘spirit’ reportedly says: “No, definitely no. No, no, no. I don’t hate him, but I believe that he’s a devil.” (Apparently no forgiveness, even on the other side)

On the accident
Okawa: “You actually died in a car accident in Paris, 20 years ago.”
Diana: “Car accident? Oh…”
Okawa: “Yes. Do you remember the situation? If you remember, could you tell us about the accident?”
Diana: “Car accident. There was a car accident and I was carried into the hospital. After that, I’m sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, but still living.”

On the Queen and Royal family
Okawa: “What do you think about Queen Elizabeth?”
Diana: “Which one?”
Okawa: “The mother of Prince Charles.”
Diana: “Ah, Elizabeth. Hmm… Maybe a great mother. But she is the last one, the last light of England.”
Okawa: “Don’t you hope that your child, Prince William, becomes the king of the UK?”
Diana: “I’m afraid that England will experience another revolution. So, I cannot imagine that the royal family will continue forever. “My tragedy, it’s a turning point, I think so. There’s no truth. There’s no love. There’s no loyalty. There’s no obligation to subjects, so I feel a little different. That’s the reason I prefer Islam.”

On Charles
“I’m wondering about the origin of beauty. If it comes from the beauty of the mind, the beauty of the heart, it’s correct. But if it is just to attract the minds of men, it is not the real beauty. “Like my former husband. Firstly, he loved me, but after marriage, he didn’t have true love because it meant my beauty was just his accessory. “So, he just wanted to show me as a beautiful lady and wanted to be proud of the fact that a prince can get the world beauty.”

On her death
When the psychics claim to tell ‘Diana’ she is dead and a ghost, her reaction is written down as: “Oh, no! Heavens no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. “I don’t like ghosts. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s a dream, dream, dream, bad dream, bad dream.” “I have a grave of course, in England, but I am not living in that grave. I mean, the people who died, they are lying under the ground, but I’m not there, of course. “You said 20 years have passed since my death, but I cannot understand what my entity is. Who am I? What am I? How should I live? Am I just dreaming, or am I just lying like a dead person? Please guide me.”

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

We still want to believe Princess Diana is with us even if talking to a psychic who is putting a whole lot of money in the bank doing it. Her answers seem pretty general and are of common knowledge, even the “murder conspiracy” suggested in one of her answers. With 100 million copies of the book sold, we want to believe, we have to believe that she is still with us…so either you do or don’t.

Princess of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
Young energy with lots of creativity and can also represent the inner child. Since pulled inverted, I believe whomever Okawa has made contact with (yes, I am a believer of contacting spirit from the other side) is very similar in nature to Princess Diana and could quite possibly be just who he says she is.

Ten of Wands; Inverted
Carrying a heavy burden in life. Since card is inverted I feel it also represents whomever this spirit is, is also carry a heavy heart in spirit.

Two of Wands: Inverted
Future success of a project or life situation. This card pulled inverted could mean two things, the continued success of Okawa’s book or that he will actually help bring this spirit peace and guide her to the light!

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