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The Many Gifts a Psychic can Possess

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Psychics Come With A Multitude Of Psychic Abilities

I wrote an article not too long ago about the 5 Things To Know Before Getting A Psychic Reading, which explained in detail how to approach a reading and get the results you were hoping for.

I also explained the difference between a psychic and a medium, although most psychics and mediums have crossover gifts, being stronger possibly in one or the other. But what most people do not know who are not in the metaphysical arena, is that there are a huge amount of psychic abilities that are all used to connect to the future, past, present and one’s soul path.

Most psychics usually use several tools and skills such as tarots, crystal balls, palmistry, psychometry and so on to demonstrate the skills. They are the physical and tangible tools they work with. They help the psychics to concentrate and focus on their thoughts and to ‘tune in’ to their clients and/or the spirit world.

They often work with the celestial and thought energy by using their intuition or conversing with the spirits. Therefore, these tools help them as a bridge or stepping stones to the other world. Gradually the mind becomes used to receiving information signals with the usual senses and it then becomes an effortless a shift of awareness.

How these gifts develop

How these gifts come about are as interesting as the gifts themselves. Some have sudden discoveries of psychic abilities such as Edgar Cayce, the legendary American mystic and psychic who discovered his psychic healing diagnosis talent without actually being aware of it.

Then you have the gifted psychics who are born with the ‘sight’ and exhibit them from a very young age. Some gifts don’t appear till later in life, laying dormant for some karmic soul reason. But how ever and whenever these gifts make themselves known to the vehicle, they are abundant in variation and outcomes.

All of the skills that falls into perception and alteration categories can be discovered (it is called awakening of psychic abilities), developed and successfully applied in daily life. Some of them will awaken automatically once you will take time to work with energies, other skills will require intentional learning and development. But remember, every single skill from the list below can be learned by everyone and it all begins in energy work.

20 psychic abilities

  1. Energy Work. Everything is energy and energy is everything. Psychic energies flowing in the physical world (this includes our bodies) are the thing responsible for psychic abilities to work.
  2. Energy Manipulation. This is a basic skill of manipulating psychic energies both inside and outside your body. It’s where psychic development begins.
  3. Constructing and programming energy. It’s a skill to use the psychic energy to create and program (make them do things) such as psiballs. (glowing balls of energy)
  4. Perception. The following set of skills is also called Anomalous Cognition, or Extra-Sensory Perception and it’s related to acquiring (and sometimes sending) information using psychic means.
  5. Telepathy. An ability to communicate with both humans and animals using psychic skills, it’s about sending and receiving information.
  6. Empathy. It’s a skill that allows people to sense emotional and physical states of others through psychic means.
  7. Precognition. Knowing the future, knowing things or having visions or precognition dreams. Sometimes it’s about seeing the future with your eyes, sometimes it’s just knowing that something will happen (premonition).
  8. Retrognition. Like precognition but perceiving the past, not the future.
  9. Clairvoyance. Being able to see things without eyes, sometimes very real and sometimes just with your inner eyes.
  10. Clairaudience. Similar to clairvoyance but with the ability to hear things, more just like thoughts in your mind although sometimes it is heard in a spoken word.
  11. Clairsentience. An ability to sense psychic energies (and entities) around, probably the strongest and most common skill among energy workers.
  12. Psychometry. A use of several skills that allows one to pick up information via psychic means from physical objects like tables, pencils or whole buildings.
  13. Remote Viewing. Allows one to perceive physical objects at a different location without the use of the normal senses.
  14. Aura view. A form of clairvoyance that allows people to physically see the aura (psychic energy field) around the person.
  15. Astral Projection. The ability to leave your physical body and explore the astral planes.
  16. Dowsing. Being able to sense psychic energies using devices like rods or pendulum.
  17. Shielding & Wards. A gift of psychic defense abilities such as setting psychic shields or creating wards that scare things away.
  18. Alteration. This set of psychic skills is all about altering the physical reality (as in walking through walls and floating in air) using psychic abilities.
  19. Psychokinesis. Using psychic means to alter physical objects in altering random happenings, such as the rolling of dice or cause visible movement of objects.
  20. Healing and Bio-Alteration. Altering biological organism in order to heal it wounds of physical damage.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Everyone is born with energetic grids which make up our existence. It is within those grids that lie the already known gifts that can be awakened, embraced and strengthened. Stay aware, don’t discount anything, acknowledge and use them! The more you use them, the stronger they become.

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