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Who will publish Barack Obama ’s books?

Barack Obama publish books

Who will publish Barack Obama ’s books?

Barack Obama has published many books through Penguin Random House in the past. His newest book, or his memoir, got quite the attention from several other publishers. Not only because it is rumoured to become an instant bestseller. The reason behind the bid going over $60 million for the publishing right might be something even more unique. The release of two books. One by the former president himself and one by his wife, the former first lady.

Penguin Random House won eventually, but they still made history. Although the final amount hasn’t been confirmed, it is much higher than any other president’s bid result. George W. Bush’s memoir was ‘sold’ at approximately $10 million. But of course, as times change, so does the price of such a relic.

Although publishers normally bid for books they can make a profit on, this time is different. The fact itself that the former presidential couple is working side by side on this one is enough. They do expect to sell a few million copies, give or take. It isn’t about the money, not this time. A million copies will be donated, and a “significant portion” of the authors’ proceeds will go to charity.

The books won’t be released till at least 2018. So, unfortunately, we will have to wait and see whether they will become a huge success or not. If we can judge by the popularity of the former president, the answer is obvious. To have them do even this as a couple. It certainly sends a message to us all.

Let’s have a look at some cards to find out what’s in store for the Obama couple.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The Empress:
This card represents the nurturing qualities of Michelle Obama. She has put a lot of effort into the books, supporting her husband. Not just in terms of writing, but we could see her being behind the former president all along. Her support will continue to deem crucial.

The Emperor:
This card represents Barack Obama. It is very interesting that it is together with the Empress. It shows balance, mutual devotion. He is a man of logic, which complements the nurturing qualities of his partner. One would say they are a match made in Heaven. They certainly appreciate what the other has to offer.

Three of Pentacles:
Dreams fulfilled, a creative project comes to fruition. This card marks the initial success of the Obamas’ books, which is the centre of their focus right now. They are sharing this experience with each other, which makes it special.


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