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Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Wednesday was doomsday for many in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria lived up to her reputation, and made up for the 90 years wait. The hurricane was predicted to be the biggest in the last 90 years, and it didn’t fall short of expectations. The category 5 storm hit Puerto Rico on Wednesday, and destroyed entire villages and areas.

Not only that, but some living conditions put people’s lives in danger, too. It’s hard to tell the exact damage just yet, but we can already see that recovery won’t be fast. Those who stayed and survived might have to live in shelters for weeks or months. And those who fled the country before the hurricane hit, might not have anything to come back to.

When someone’s home is destroyed, it brings with it many other issues as well. Those people are basically homeless until their homes are fixed, or until they can rebuild them from scratch. That takes time. And during that time, those who are effected, will feel devastated, lost, and scared.
Patrick Coffey decided to flee the Virgin Islands before the storm destroyed everything. His heart-breaking words speak to the heart of us all:
“I live on St. John and we were there for Irma when Irma came through and she just basically devastated the island. A lot of people lost everything and then it was just time for us to get off, we didn’t want to stay for Maria. This time it’s going to be worse. It’s going to be a Category 5. That, back then, was a Category 3.”
Our thoughts and prayers go out for people who are suffering right now as a result of the Hurricane Maria. Let’s ask the cards to see what we can do to help.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Six of Pentacles:

This card reminds us, that we should look at the recent events as if they happened to us. Because they could have. They might even happen in the future. Remember, there are always two sides to the coin, and it is flipped easily.

Ace of Pentacles:
Even the smallest amounts can help in cases like this. Money is flowing in through many avenues. But before assuming what those people need, ask first. Getting organized goes a long way when raising funds for the cause.

The Hanged Man:
Apart from supporting the country as much as we can, it is a time of waiting. Time heals everything couldn’t be more true here. There is always a balance, so when something so bad happens, something equally good is soon due. Try to take solace in that knowledge!

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