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Quality Love Relationships Take Time to Grow

love relationships

Quality Love Relationships Take Time to Grow

Here are some of the questions a psychic will hear regarding love relationships: When am I going to meet somebody, will he ask me out, when is he going to call, is he going to commit to me, when are we going to get married, and are we having a baby?

None of these questions are wrong to ask, nor is it wrong to desire a relationship; however, trying to rush the process more than likely results in undesired outcomes.

Usually it’s women who are impatient for a relationship, although there are some men who jump right into a commitment. Love at first sight does happen, but that doesn’t mean the love will be everlasting. Nor will it mean the other person feels the same way, instead accelerating love can make your heart’s desire flee in terror.

Clairvoyant vision

How people cringe when their psychic adviser mentions the horrible “P” word – patience. Years ago, my spirit guides provided me with a wonderful analogy of the consequences for being impatient in love. This was my clairvoyant vision:

A woman wearing an old-fashioned dress was barefooted, stomping on grapes in a gigantic round container. She grabbed a wine bottle, bent over, and filled with bottle with mushy grape liquid. Then she proceeds to drink from the bottle.

Can you imagine how that would have tasted when the wine wasn’t even pure liquid, nor fermented? Sadly, this is what some people do with love relationships. Which produces negative relationships, divorce, and dysfunctional effects on the children. Instead, do the following twenty tips:

  1. Stop looking for love relationships.
  2. Focus on school or your career.
  3. Take the baby steps to create any desired changes in your life.
  4. Work on your personal growth and spirituality.
  5. Attend functions that you’re interested in.
  6. Know there’s someone better for you if he hasn’t asked you out.
  7. Leave your phone at home for a night out with friends, instead of waiting for a phone call from your love interest.
  8. Resist pushing the relationship into a higher level of commitment.
  9. Stay in the moment with your possible partner and relish it.
  10. Take the time to discover who your love interest truly is.
  11. Don’t change for anyone, be yourself.
  12. Accept your partner for he or she is.
  13. Improve your communication skills.
  14. Be silent while listening to your lover speaking.
  15. Allow your anger to dissolve before discussing an issue.
  16. Ponder if you would be better off with or without him/her before a breaking up.
  17. Wait until at least a year of knowing each other before getting married.
  18. Discuss finances, children, living arrangements, and other important matters before agreeing to a lifetime commitment.
  19. Endeavor through the rough times together.
  20. Appreciate each other every day.

Pamela’s Verdict

A quality relationship doesn’t happen overnight, rather it takes time, patience, and work to manifest into a valuable partnership. Great love is like an exquisite bottle of wine; it takes work for the grapes to be just right, as well as time and patience to ferment into a masterpiece. Which would you prefer a masterpiece or mushy grapes?

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  1. Thank u Pamela for your insight &Very good advice u make so much sense and I’m 55 and taking in everything Have an AWESOME day !!!!