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Ramona Singer’s diva behaviour is ruining a business.

Real Housewives of New York Romona

Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer diva behaviour is ruining a business.

Ramona Singer has started a storm with her own company through her diva behaviour. The company deals in hair extensions and are hoping to get them into stores as a major storyline on the Bravo show, but it appears that it wasn’t happening. Victoria Flores who originally set up the business “Lux Beauty Club” ended the short-lived business relationship in a pretty sharp email where she blames singer’s “diva behaviour” pointing out “you are not Angelina Jolie!”

Well, it looks like the claws are out on this one. Ramona Singer apparently wanted to shake things up by getting the cast involved by getting them to try the product, but let’s face it, would you use hair extensions if you didn’t need them? Well, things did not go to plan and it appears there is bad feeling all round. Victoria Flores emailed Singer to say that any contract either verbal or written is now null and void. I don’t think Singer is going anywhere fast, though.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about this business venture? Well, they got the knight of Cups which signifies the good will that was present in the offer of the contract in the first place. But part of that deal was that she would bring something to the business which never materialised. The Fool Card shows that Victoria took the chance and threw caution to the wind with the offer. She knew that there may not be prior knowledge of the business, but was willing to take the chance anyway. The Death Card shows a dawning of a new day for this business, it will continue on its own. It’s a new day almost a new business, I feel a name change could be in order.

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