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Judge Refuses To Dismiss Rape Case Against Fugitive Director Roman Polanski

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Rape Case Against Fugitive Director Roman Polanski

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Rape Case Against Fugitive Director Roman Polanski

This definitely has to be a bad dream that will not go away for Polanski and someone determined to take him down regardless of the cost or time spent. Not saying he should get away with what he is accused of but after 40 years, there does come a point when there seems that someone should be able to find an agreement in this. It is obvious that the woman who this happened to when she was just 13 years ago is definitely wanting to also put this behind but still holds a lot of fury over the incident. Polanski repeatedly defies subpoenas to appear in court for a very good reason, he knows once he is on U.S. soil, he is going straight to jail.

A Los Angeles judge rejected a request to dismiss the 40-year-old rape case against Roman Polanski on grounds that the director refuses to appear in court. The Friday decision by California Judge Scott Gordon came two months after Samantha Geimer, who at the age of 13 accused the director of raping her in 1977, offered public support of Polanski’s bid to settle the case “as an act of mercy to myself and my family.” Geimer expressed in June how media attention surrounding her part in the case has taken a hefty toll. In protest of Geimer’s plea, another woman stepped forward this week to claim that Polanski “sexually victimized” her at age 16 in 1973. Introduced only as Robin, she read a statement describing how she felt “infuriated” to know Polanski might not see his day in court.

Roman Polanski

This is the second time in four months that the judge has rebuffed Polanski’s request to dismiss the case. It will continue to proceed, although attempts to extradite the 83-year-old director to the United States have been unsuccessful since he fled to France in 1978 since Polanski holds Polish and French citizenship. In August 1977, he pleaded guilty of having unlawful sex with Geimer, a young model who accused him of giving her drugs and alcohol, and served 42 days behind bars. He became a fugitive just before his formal sentencing as he expected the jail time to severe. His lawyer, Harland Braun, has argued for his client to be sentenced in absentia to time served, giving him credit for previous time behind bars. Despite the rape charges still pending against him, the director has continued to find steady work in film, winning an Academy Award for Best Director in 2003 for “The Pianist.”

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

This is definitely one of those bad choices you make in life at a young age you end up paying for the rest of your life. My feeling about the end of this case is with his ashes in an urn. Polanski is 83 years old after all. No one said the world is fair and this is one of those circumstances where it seems the guilty go free and the victim carries the burden. Karma is a bitch folks, so somewhere Polanski is paying for what he did, if not in the court system.

Justice: Inverted (Upside Down)
Honest with oneself and a situation and also legal issues. Obviously, Polanski is well aware he committed a crime but he was unwilling to own up to it 40 years ago and he still is not.

The Wheel of Fortune: Inverted
Going with the flow of life changes. Pulled inverted, it shows Polanski will fight being extradited to serve his sentence till his last dying breath.

The World: Inverted
Ultimate success out in the world and happy conclusion. As I mentioned above, there is not going to be any happy conclusion for anyone in this case. Polanski will keep on fighting and the women will still carry the burden of his crime.

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