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Rating Donald Trump’s Wives

Rating Donald Trump’s Wives

Rating Donald Trump’s Wives

Donald Trump’s first wife was Ivana Zelnícková who grew up in the Czech Republic and at an early age, capitalized on her skiing talent. After meeting Donald Trump in New York, they were married in 1977. The two went on to create the Trump “Empire,” which included her aspirations to be like the Vanderbilts. The two went on to have three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump. Their split, however, was less-than-secretive or without the drama of mistress accusations. Donald Trump was said to have given Ivana the ultimatum: “Either you act like my wife and come back to New York and take care of your children or you run the casino in Atlantic City and we get divorced.”

Wife number two was of course the infamous mistress Marla Maples. Very little is really known about her except that she was a model when he met her and was an occasional actress on TV, movies and Broadway. They met in the early 90’s when Donald Trump was still married to Ivanka. It was a front page gossip scandal for over three years until they were married in 1993 with Marla expecting their only child Tiffany. They were divorced six years later. At the time of their divorce, People interviewed Trump’s good friend, New York Post columnist Cindy Adams. “It was lust, not really love,” Adams said of the relationship. “She loved him very much. But Donald is somebody who’s in love mostly with himself.”

Donald Trump’s present wife First Lady, Melania (Knauss) Trump was born in Slovenia and met her now-husband of 10 years at a party — while he was supposedly on a date with another woman. A phone call made later ended with their marriage in 2005. Melania was also a model and they have one son together Barron. Still married but the rumor mill has it Melania is not very happy with her forced change of lifestyle. There is still question as to whether she will actually ever live in the White House and give up her comfortable life in New York Trump Tower.

So which wife was best suited for Donald Trump?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Melania..His present wife.

Ivanka’s Card,
Knight of Wands : Inverted (Upside Down)
This card represents a strong independent energy to grow and evolve and make her own way. Power and financial freedom are very important to her. Donald admires women like this (like his daughter Ivanka) but is not comfortable not being in total control over their life being his wife.

Marla’s Card,
Temperance Inverted : (Upside Down)
This card represents that all Marla really wanted to do was please Donald and be a good wife while pursuing her small career as a hobby. The issues came when realizing she could not change the man she loved, being so different in temperament and background; she brought the relationship out of balance when she stopped catering solely to Donald’s needs and started to think for herself.

Melania’s Card,
Death Card: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card represents she married Donald to leave her past way of life die and transform into the pampered wife of a billionaire who could give her the lifestyle she was looking for. I believe she was as Marla, completely devoted to Donald in the beginning but there may be some rebelliousness as with his other wives when he changed the game plan on her. Regardless of her decisions, she will not do anything to upset her golden applecart but silently defy him as he is consumed with the problems of doing the President’s job.


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