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Quick Review. The Real Housewives of Dallas

Real Housewives LeeAnn

Quick Review. The Real Housewives of Dallas

The confrontation between LeeAnne and Marie. LeeAnne needs to calm down a little. Her body language towards Marie in this scene is pretty fiery. There is a need for a bucket of cold water, or maybe a garden hose. But why would you talk to someone like this ? Obviously, Marie feels she is being threatened, and LeeAnne is taking the dominant role, sounds quite intimidating.  Now I know there is the feeling of just walking in on something and taking sides, but actions speak louder than words, and Marie looked afraid.

Well, I know we all use terms like I’ll kill you, or murder you but you do not actually mean you are going to do it. It’s a figure of speech. It is used almost everywhere, and should not be taken serious unless the person saying it is armed and looking a bit angry and coming in your direction. Then you need to run. But seriously ladies? You are all big Girls. Calm down, you will get the message across much easier if you don’t scream at each other.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say?
Wow! these girls got powerful cards. The Death card, The World Card, and The Devil card. All of these cards point towards new beginnings. There is a need to start over in this situation. Now the seed of doubt has been set in their relationship, it is going to take a tower of strength to build a bridge over this. The problem is, now it’s out in the open, it’s down to taking sides for the other girls. Unless you bury the problem and forget it, this can split the girls. But my hunch says this will drag out and grow for now.

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