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The ‘real’ star of the Oscars

The ‘real’ star of the Oscars

The ‘real’ star of the Oscars

No Oscar ceremony could be complete without a ball fit for kings and queens. The celebs grab their prizes, but their celebration doesn’t end there. After all the tension comes the well-deserved relaxation. With that, a pompous ball filled with treats plenty. If you thought that caviar was special, think again.

The Governor’s Ball takes pride in its celebratory menu that contains over 50 unique dishes. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but some of them truly reflect the theme of the awards. Smoked salmon is served on Oscar shaped crackers and carrot juice flows over pasta. There are of course more traditional dishes to choose from, having everyone in mind. Not all of us like to have a fancy food and drink, after all. Even if we just won the Oscar…

This year everything is about gold, so not only the decoration is sprinkled with gold dust. Of course, the one that makes it into the toppings is an edible version. Those with a sweet tooth aren’t excluded, either. From chocolate Oscar-lollipops to ‘movie theatre’ flavour bonbons, you just name it.

I would say some of the creations are Oscar-worthy themselves. Especially since the same person has been responsible for them for the past 22 years. Wolfgang Puck is using locally sourced ingredients. What’s more, the unused ingredients will be donated ‘to end hunger’. I wonder how many of the guests will think that Puck is the real star of the Oscars…

Unfortunately for us, he doesn’t do house parties or birthday dinners. Although some of his recipes can be found online. Yay! Let’s ‘honour’ him with asking the cards about his future. Will he satisfy more hungry Oscar-winners in the coming years?

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Three of Cups:
This card represents Puck and his helpers. Just like Santa, Puck wouldn’t be able to pull this off without all the others working with him. He knows and appreciates that. There is also a lot of celebration and parties indicated by this card.

Nine of Cups:
Although the preparation and the ball always cause tension for him, he is filled with happiness. For Wolfgang Puck, Oscar is a really fulfilling and rewarding experience.

The Fool:

Another card of joyful bliss. Although he has been doing this for 22 years, every year is different. Every time he embarks on a new adventure, focusing on the joys it will bring. That’s a really healthy attitude, and we wish him best of luck. Hosting the Oscar dinner from beginning to end is remarkable, to say the least.


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