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What really happened Kanye West ?

Kanye West What Happened

What really happened Kanye West?

It’s not often that I have to write twice in one week about one celebrity. But Kanye West has been making the news across the board after an active week. it would appear the singer was taken to hospital against his will after what has been described ad a “psychiatric emergency.” Kanye has been under a lot of strain lately, and it was visible with his outburst against Beyonce this week. Earlier this week I did point to the fact that the singer had his own demons to deal with.

To Kanye. We are so sorry that things took this twist, but we did say last week that you need to walk your own walk. Mental illness is better understood these days thankfully. And educated people know that this is fixable. Take all the time you need, but get yourself back where you should be. At the risk of repeating myself, you need to remember that you walk in no one shadow. Be your own person, sing your own songs, and if you feel like it, dance your own dance. But get well soon.

Now I’m not going to read on your health, Kayne that is for the doctors, not a psychic.But let’s see what life is saying about this new twist in your path.

The Knight of Coins.
This is the card of the provider. The knight of coins is the professional who puts his career above everything. Although this is a good thing in some ways, it can be your downfall.This episode appears to be telling you to slow down a little and allow time for you and your family. Also, you need to stop taking things personally.Some people appear to talk before they think.

The Devil Card
This is the card of bad habits. Everyone has them to some extent. But in the professional world, some people tend to let them get out of hand in order to get from one day to the next. Perhaps a good look at life is required for. If there is one person who can save you from these bad habits, it is you. Because you are in the driving seat of your life.

The Queen of Cups.
The lady in your life. She is the inspiration and the very reason you need to get all this stuff right. Good hearts don’t come along very often in this world. When you find them you need to hold on to them. She will stand by you through thick and thin, but she must not be taken for granted, as every branch has a breaking point.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Everyone hits hard times in their lives, it looks like you are hitting yours. it’s important that you take two things into account. One is that no one is in a position to judge, and secondly, The one person that has the key to the solution is you. Your family is your most important possession, do not take them for granted, and if you can’t do this for you, you must do it for them. We wish you a very speedy recovery, and a new and smoother path ahead. From all here at the 7th sense psychic line, get well soon.

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