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Recognizing Your Psychic Gifts

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Recognizing Your Psychic Gifts

We have heard the comment a thousand times. “Everyone is a little psychic.” The difference is if your psychic gifts remain on the peripheral of your life or they become part of who you are. Most who have peripheral gifts, tend to pass off their psychic gifts as “coincidental” or “that was weird.” Many people also believe being psychic means you wake up one day with a mind-blowing superpower or you have a near death experience and go into the “light” and come back with all the answers. In some cases, that is true as we certainly have read enough books about those experiences with people who change drastically after a life altering experience. But that is not the norm.

The second fallacy is that once your psychic abilities start awakening or even if you are born to them, doesn’t mean you are immediately endowed with an uncanny ability to see a flawless future. Psychic gifts are skills and take practice, belief and a disconnection from the information you are receiving. It’s like leaning to play the piano, chopsticks first then on to Beethoven.

There are four types of psychic abilities that everyone has, receiving information in different ways. We may not have the highly developed psychic abilities that some of our best readers on 7th Sense do but every one of us possesses intuition and a sixth sense. By looking at these four qualities, we can get clues and signs as to where our psychic abilities lie.

Clairvoyance Or “Clear Seeing”

Clairvoyance is the gift to sense future energy patterns moving towards you and defined as the ability to “see” the future. It is probably the most misunderstood of all psychic abilities because people assume that being clairvoyant means you have the ability to see an entire scenario play out like a movie. Sometimes the information comes in bits and pieces of visuals that do not connect and make sense later on. Visualization is the strong suit of a clairvoyant as you “see” things to get your messages. Children who have imaginary friends have this gift and as an adult, usually have vivid message dreams.

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Clairaudience Or “Clear Hearing

Clairaudience is the ability to hear words, voices, songs and whispering sounds that come from spirits, guides or the beyond. The voices are usually your own voice in your head carrying messages from the ether. You may get a song stuck in your head and have a circumstance show up to match the song. Clairaudients often hear what others don’t, often asking, “Did you hear that?” Many are musically inclined, sometimes ringing in their ears and are usually deep thinkers on just about everything.

Clairsentience Or “Clear Feeling

Clairsentience is probably the most common psychic gift, working with a gut feeling, your intuition and many physical sensations. It is when you physically receive a shiver down your back or up your neck as a confirmation that a universal truth from your higher self has confirmed. You sense people’s energy around you and even those that are not. As in sensing that a friend might need someone to talk to and you call and find out she is going through a very hard time. You also pick up vibrations to the type of person you are dealing with. Sensing when someone is a good person and when someone is not, they are authentic or hide behind a mask to cover up their fear and insecurities. A clairsentient person is able to tell just from looking at a photo and pick up character traits about them.

Claircognizance Or “Clear Knowing

Claircognizance is the “knowing” on a deep, inner level without any logic or facts to support it. Whatever information you are receiving, it is an absolute regardless of what anyone or any circumstances that say differently. It is rare you are wrong, when these absolute knowings come into your energy field. You don’t ask for confirmation or support for your knowing, it is without doubt in your whole being. It is also the gift that is unarguable. It is what it is and no amount of trying to convince you of something else fails. You don’t know how or why you know something so absolute but you “just know it.” The more you’re able to trust this inner knowing, the deeper you’ll strengthen your claircognizant ability. Most information that flows to you in psychic energy flows are always fluctuating and changing but this particular thread of energy is thick and solid, pretty much assuring it will unfold the way you see it or feel it.

Susan Z’s Verdict

We all have that psychic connection to the One Source that sees all, knows all and co-creates with us everyday. If you find that you have any of the gifts mentioned above, practice with them. It can only benefit you. Having a little personal guidance in life always makes things easier and can sometimes keep you from doing things you will regret later and possibly help others with those gifts.

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  1. Wow it sounds like I’m all of them… I have been reading up on empaths… But I have had this from when I was young but no one would talk to me about any of it… Now that I’m older I have been doing what I can to understand it and continue with it now that I know… Now that I know what I’am ….